Conditional Formatting Rules and the Legend for OnePager Express for Version 7.0

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Because Conditional Formatting Rules can become complex, OnePager provides a means to show the colors and shapes in the legend item text for task/milestone shapes involved in conditional formatting rules. Entries are added to the Legend, as is shown in this article, whenever a conditional formatting rule is applied to a task/milestone shape's color or shape when the Legend is displayed in the chart. You always have the option to subsequently decide to edit these legend-item text item entries after the rules are applied to the chart.

For more information on editing the Legend, please see the article at: Legend Editing Controls for OnePager Express

The example that follows shows how the Legend is handled when conditional formatting rules are used with a simple Microsoft Excel source plan.


Suppose you have the Microsoft Excel source plan shown below where the Phase field is used to represent the project’s Phases. Highlighted below are four task shapes of which three are in Phase THREE and one is in Phase END. In this example, suppose you want to represent these four task shapes in black with a left pointing arrow task shape.

Example Microsoft Excel Source Plan

Here is the proposed Microsoft Excel source plan:

X70-11 12 1-70-(1-1)-10022019.png

Basic Chart From Microsoft Excel Source Plan

When the basic chart is created with round-robin color assigned from the Phase field, it looks like this:

X70-11 12 1-70-(2)-10022019.png

Conditional Formatting Rules

To implement the desired results for task shapes in Phases THREE and END, you can create conditional formatting rules that look like this:

X70-11 12 1-70-(3)-10022019.png

Conditionally Formatted Chart

When the chart is created, the highest priority rule shown above is applied, and the four task bars highlighted in the Microsoft Excel source plan have their rules applied. Thus, task bars I, J, K, L, and Q shows the results of applying the highest priority conditional formatting rule as shown here:

X70-11 12 1-70-(4)-10022019.png

Notice that the legend entry for Phase THREE shows that the Not O conditional formatting rule was applied to the task bars that have the black reverse arrow task bars.

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