Hiding/Unhiding/Moving/Finding/Changing/Resizing Tasks/Milestones for Version 6.1

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Hiding and Unhiding Task/Milestone Labels

1) You can hide one or more of the task/milestone labels.

a) To do this, make a selection in the Project View Editor (PVE) by right-clicking one or more tasks/milestones.
b) Click the “Format…” command then navigate to the Task Labels tab as shown below:
P52-9 3-(1)-06012015.png
c) Uncheck the Show marker label checkbox, shown above, to hide the selected task/milestone’s label text.

2) Alternatively, you can click the hide label icon as shown below to hide the label text for the selected task/milestone.

P52-9 3-(2)-06012015.png

3) If you have previously hidden the label text of any tasks or milestones, you can make them visible again going back to the Task Labels tab of the Change Marker Properties form shown above and re-checking the Show marker label checkbox. Or, you can click any label position icon in the Position group on the Home tab.

Hiding and Unhiding Tasks/Milestones Bars and Symbols

1) You can hide the entire task or milestone (not just the label).

a) To do this, select one or several tasks or milestones. Right-click the selection and then click the Hide command in the context menu shown below:
P52-9 3-(3)-06012015.png
b) When the operation is complete the project view looks like this:
P52-9 3-(4)-06012015.png

2) When tasks and/or milestones with Task Links are hidden their associated Task Links are hidden as well.

3) If you have hidden some tasks/milestones and want to make them all visible again, go to the Home ribbon’s Editing group and click the Show/Hide dropdown menu. Then, click the Show All Markers command as shown below:

P61-9 3 1-61-(5)-10272017.png

4) Unhiding tasks/milestones with Task Links unhides the Task Links if the project view is set up to show Task Links.

Moving Tasks/Milestones to Different Rows

1) A lot of the power of OnePager comes from its efficient handling of space in the graph area. To manage vertical space, it is often very useful to move tasks/milestones so that several of them occupy the same row.

2) To do this, select one or multiple tasks or milestones. From here you can change row position assignments several ways:

Drag with the Mouse

3) Drag tasks/milestones up or down to a new row position. Note that it is not possible to drag tasks/milestones left or right. This prohibition is to protect the integrity of the data received from the Microsoft Project or Microsoft Excel source plan that provided the task/milestone’s original Start and Finish dates.

a) To move any task/milestone from one row to another, first left-click the task/milestone to select it.
b) With the left-click button held down, drag the selected task/milestone to the desired row as shown in the Before and After illustrations below:
P52-9 3-(6)-06012015.png
P52-9 3-(7)-06012015.png
c) You can select several tasks/milestones and drag them as a group to different rows. The multiple task/milestones selected retain their relative positions when dragged up or down to different rows.

Use the Arrow Keys

4) Move selected tasks/milestones to new rows by using your keyboard’s up/down arrow keys. As noted above, you can move several tasks/milestones at once using this method.

Changing the Representation of Tasks/Milestones

1) Task bars can also be represented as milestone either at their start date or finish date. You can select the type of task representation globally (See the article at: Managing Templates (Portal)) 24.0.1-61 or on an individual task/milestone basis.

2) An individual task bar can be changed to a milestone by right-clicking the task and selecting Task representation command as shown below:

P52-9 3-(8)-06012015.png

3) There are four (4) options available that can be applied to the selected task:

(1) Selecting the Gantt bar option makes the selected task/milestone into a task bar.
(2) Selecting the As milestone at finish option turns a selected task into a milestone positioned at the task’s finish date.
(3) Selecting the As milestone at start option turns a selected task into a milestone positioned at the task’s start date.
(4) Selecting the Use default option turns a selected task/milestone into the default type specified in the current Template Properties form in the Advanced Tab within the Task Representation group.

4) You can also change representation on the Home tab by clicking the item called Representation.

P61-9 3 1-61-(9)-10272017.png

5) Changing the representation of a selected task/milestone or set of tasks/milestones creates what we refer to as representation maverick.

6) If you wish to change the global task/milestone representation (as opposed to changing representations manually), please reference this article: Managing Templates (Portal)

7) To make changes to a task/milestone representation use the following steps:

a) Open the PVP form and go to the Advanced tab as shown below:
P61-9 3 1-61-(10A)-12052018.png
b) Individual task/milestone settings are overridden by the Task/Milestone threshold setting. This setting automatically converts short-duration tasks into milestones for easier reading.
c) The default value for this setting is 2 days. This means that any task which have less than 2 days duration on the screen automatically is rendered as a milestone. To reduce this effect, increase the number (e.g. to 5 days).

Resizing the Height of Tasks/Milestones

OnePager provides the capability to change the height of a task/milestone by first selecting it and then dragging the grab box at the top or bottom of the selection task/milestone, as shown below.

1) When the height is increased, both the top and bottom of the task or milestone expand. Conversely both the top and bottom of the task/milestone contract when you reduce the task/milestone’s height:

P61-9 3 1-61-(11)-10272017.png

2) If you prefer to set a fixed height for a task or milestone instead of dragging it, right-click the task or milestone and choose the Format…. command. This shows the Change Marker Properties form, where you have the option to adjust the Height control:

P52-9 3-(12)-06012015.png
a) The Height controls allow you to select whether you want the selected task/milestone’s height to be a percentage of the row height (recommended) or if you want the task/milestone’s height to be in terms of absolute height in inches or centimeters.
b) The quantity in parentheses, (row height = 0.38) tells you the current height of the row that contains the task/milestone.

3) Changing the height of an individual task/milestone creates a height maverick.

4) If you wish to change the global task/milestone height (as opposed to making height mavericks), please reference this article: Managing Templates (Portal)

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