Inserting Background Images for Version 7.0

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About Inserting Background Images

OnePager allows you to insert standard images such as JPEG, PNG, etc. into a charts and use them as backgrounds anywhere in the graph area. Use these steps to insert a background image.

To insert a background image, go to the OnePager Insert ribbon tool bar tab and click the Picture button:

P70-20 1 1-70-(1)-10292019.png

This accesses the Open pictures file form that lets you select an image to insert:

P70-20 1 1-70-(2)-10292019.png

Selecting a background image and clicking the Open button inserts the background image into the center of the chart, as shown below:

P70-20 1 1-70-(3)-10292019.png

Since the inserted background image may not be in the desired position, the correct size for your needs, or as transparent as you would like, you can make these edits in the chart.

These edits are made in the chart by using the background image's context menu as described in the articles at:

Moving and Resizing Images
Adjusting Image Transparency
Deleting, Ordering, and Changing Images