Managing the Legend in the Project View for Version 6.1

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About the Legend

1) Groups of tasks and milestones that share an entry in the legend can have their color and shape modified in one simple operation.

2) This is a fast way of changing several tasks or milestones at once and is an alternative to some of the other methods discussed elsewhere at Manual versus Data-Driven Editing (Portal).

3) The following steps show you how to edit, re-position legend items, and reformat the legend:

Showing and Hiding the Legend

1) To hide/unhide the legend, follow the steps described below.

2) Go to the View tab, and locate the Legend checkbox. Uncheck the checkbox to hide the legend, as shown below:

P53-15 1-53-(1)-05062016.png

3) To unhide the legend after hiding it, ensure that the Legend checkbox is checked.

Moving and Resizing the Legend

1) To move or resize the legend, follow the steps below.

2) Left clicking anywhere on the legend selects it, as shown below:

P52-15 1-(2)-06042015.png

3) After selecting the legend, you can:

a) Drag the legend to any other location in the document area.
b) Use the grab boxes to stretch or shrink the legend to the desired size.

Showing and Hiding Individual Legend Items

1) In addition to hiding the entire legend, you can hide individual legend items. This is useful if the legend has duplicate entries and needs to be simplified.

2) To hide a legend item, right click the desired legend item, as shown below:

P52-15 1-(3)-06042015.png

3) Uncheck the Show legend item checkbox.

4) Legend items can always be unhidden later. To do so, right click the legend (near the title) and select Unhide all items from the context menu:

P52-15 1-(4)-06042015.png