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This page, which serves as a Portal, enables you to quickly follow links to OnePager 6.0 articles listed below. If you have any questions or comments please contact Chronicle Graphics at: Contact Us

What's New in this Release

What's New with OnePager Release 6.0?

Installing and Licensing OnePager

Installing and Activating OnePager Pro (Portal) Installing and Activating OnePager Express (Portal)

First Things

Getting Started (Portal) Core Concepts (Portal)
Creating Multi-Page Project Views (Portal) Anatomy of a OnePager Chart

Ways to Make Gantt Charts

Basic Workflows (Portal)
Conditional Import Filters (Portal)
Unlimited Field Mapping
Creating Various Multi-Project Views with OnePager Pro and Express (Portal)
Using OnePager Pro with Server Resident Project Plans (Portal)

Ways to Make Changes to Gantt Charts

Manual Editing Modifying Decorations on Tasks/Milestones (Portal) Conditional Formatting (Portal)
Creating and Editing Rows and Swimlanes (Portal) Creating and Managing Comment Boxes Creating and Managing Free Boxes
The Project View Legend (Portal) Creating and Managing Curtains Absorbing one task into another
Creating and Managing Virtual Summary Tasks Linking Tasks and Milestones (Adding, Deleting, Modifying) Background Images (Portal)

About the Project-View Properties (PVP) Form

Editing with the Project-View Properties form (Portal) Modifying the Time Axis (Portal) Managing Project View Data (Portal)

About OnePager Templates

Managing Templates (Portal) Creating and Saving Color Palettes

Getting Help

Troubleshooting (Redraw, Re-Starting, Feedback, Log Reporting) Intellectual Property for Version 6.0

Other Resources

Glossary of Terms Microsoft Project Fields Available to OnePager Pro Getting Support and Contacting Chronicle Graphics