Snapshot-Dependent Row Labels for OnePager Express for Version 6.1

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1) Certain fields from Microsoft Excel typically change from snapshot to snapshot and are automatically updated if they are selected to drive the text columns. These fields include:

  • Percent Complete (% complete)
  • Duration
  • Start Date
  • Finish Date
  • Baseline Start Date
  • Baseline Finish Date
  • Deadline Date
  • Any field used for round-robin color assignment
  • Any field used for conditional-formatting
  • Any field used for endpoints

2) Often it is important in presentations to emphasize the above data items by collecting tasks/milestones into rows and to text columns using one of the above fields from the Microsoft Excel source plan.

3) When this is done, the project view shows that text columns and the rows continue to be associated with one of the above data fields and the snapshots changes to show the most current data in the project view and in the text column as successive snapshots are taken over time.


The following example illustrates the feature:

1) The following example Microsoft Excel source plan shows all the field names mentioned above and the Task Name, Resource Names, and Show It1:

X61-12 5 1-61-(1)-10022017.png

2) Note the % Done field with the specific %Complete data for each task.

3) When the OnePager Express (OPX) button is clicked, you have an opportunity to select the functions of the various Microsoft Excel source plan data fields as described elsewhere by examining and modifying the OnePager Choices (OPC) form. The example is such that the text columns, row ordering, and collection are set to use the % Done field to organize the project view.

4) When these controls are set in the Template through the Row and Swimlanes tab, the following snapshot is created:

X61-12 5 1-61-(2)-10022017.png

5) In the first snapshot, the text columns are created with the % Done data in ascending order so that the tasks with the lowest % Done task are at the top of the swimlane set of rows. The tasks/milestones are not reordered in subsequent snapshots as this would violate a basic principle of OnePager to maintain consistency of look and feel between snapshots.

6) If the project’s Microsoft Excel source plan is updated, say on 8/1/2018, with the latest % Done data, that Microsoft Excel source plan might look like this:

X61-12 5 1-61-(3)-10022017.png

7) The updates to the % Done data, shown above, as compared to the Microsoft Excel source plan captured on 8/1/2018, shows that the project is almost complete.

8) If we create the snapshot on 11/11/2014, it looks like this:

X61-12 5 1-61-(4)-10022017.png

9) The tasks/milestones are updated with the latest % DONE data and the new percent complete information from the Microsoft Excel source plan is shown in the text column for each row. OPX does not reorder rows between snapshots but retains the row ordering originally established for the project view. The Microsoft Excel source plan did not change the Finish Dates of any of the tasks to reflect their current % DONE.