Snapshots (Versioning) for Version 6.1

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About Snapshots (Versioning)

Sometimes you have to change the date of a snapshot or delete snapshots that are no longer needed.

Changing a Snapshot's Date

1) You can easily change the date of an existing snapshot from the form that lists the snapshot dates.

2) To do this, follow the steps below:

3) Go to the ribbon's View tab and click the List All button in the tab's Snapshots group as shown below:

P61-23 4 1-61-(1)-11032017.png

4) Clicking the List All button on the ribbon brings up the Select snapshot form as shown here:

P61-23 4 1-61-(2)-11032017.png

5) When the Select snapshot form appears, the current snapshot date, visible in the Project View Editor (PVE), is automatically shown in the above form.

6) Double left-click the desired snapshot date to bring up the Change snapshot date form.

7) Use the date dropdown calendar to enter a new snapshot date as shown below:

P61-23 4 1-61-(3)-11032017.png

Deleting a Snapshot

1) To delete a snapshot, select it in the window of the Select snapshot form shown above and click your keyboard’s Delete key.

2) Once the project view is saved, the deleted snapshots cannot be retrieved.

3) If, however, you have deleted a snapshot but have not yet saved the project view file, the UNDO function restores it.

4) Or, you can just exit OnePager without saving the project view and then re-open the project view.