What's New with OnePager Release 6.1?

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OnePager Pro (OPP) and Express (OPX) version 6.1 provides four new capabilities and enhancement summarized in this article:

(1) Task Link Upgrade

(2) Time Axis Upgrade

(3) Honoring Non-Working Time for Percent Complete (%Complete)

(4) New Shapes and Color Palettes

(5) Auto-Save

The subsections below provide an overview and links to more detailed descriptions of these new capabilities and enhancements:

Task Link Upgrade

In previous OnePager versions, you could only manually insert Event Links between tasks/milestones, a sometimes tedious effort.

With OnePager 6.1, you can directly import predecessor information from Microsoft Project or Microsoft Excel source plans and show them as Data-driven Task Links.

In OnePager Pro and Express 6.1 you can:

1) Import predecessor information from your source plans.

2) Manipulate these Data-driven Task Link representations in your project views.

3) Use new controls to show or hide Task Links in the project view using manual editing controls and the new Task Link Filter rules capability.

4) Use enhanced graphics to alter Task Link connection line colors, arrow head shapes, and connection line styles.

5) Manually create and edit Task Links in the project view as you did with Event Links.

New Template and Project-View Properties Form New Task Link Tab

6) Supporting these new features is a new tab (the Task Links tab) in the Template and Project-View Properties (PVP) forms. These new tabs give you global control over the Data-driven Task Link import and formatting of both Data-driven and manual Task Links. The new Task Links tab for the OnePager Pro 6.1 Template form is shown below:

P61-0 4 1 7-61-(3)-06092018.png

7) Additionally, you have enhanced manual capabilities to select individual Task Links (e.g., Data-driven and manual) in the project view and edit them individually with enhanced controls in the Project View Editor (PVE).

8) There are also a couple of enhancements to the OnePager ribbon's Home tab supporting this upgrade with convenient controls. These include a new Where Are My Links? form and a way to select all Task Links for global editing from the OnePager 6.1 Home ribbon.

9) As an example of Data-driven Task Links in the Graph, below is the standard BlueGrass Project Plan Report project view with predecessors imported and shown:

P61-0 4 1 7-61-(3D)-06092018.png

More Information

10) Detailed articles for using the new Task Links Upgrade’s features and enhancements can be found at these links: Linking Task and Milestone Using Manual and Data-Driven Task Links (Portal).

11) Please take a moment to look at the Read More… article below which provides an introduction to these new Task Link features and enhancements with examples.

Read More... Task Link Upgrades for OnePager 6.1

Time Axis Upgrade

In prior versions of OnePager you had limited editing control over the Time Axes, their Levels, and individual Cells.

With OnePager 6.1 there are new features and enhancement that help you to dramatically tailor the Time Axis to visually enhance your schedule presentations.

In OnePager Pro and Express 6.1 you can:

1) Control the Start/Finish boundaries of the project view in the Template and PVP form’s new Time Axis tabs and in the OnePager 6.1 ribbon’s View tab.

2) Control the showing and hiding of Time Axis Levels and Cells in the project view thus changing the visibility of information displayed in the graph.

3) Use centralized global controls to set and edit Time Axis Level Labels and individual Time Axis Level and Cell formats that include border properties, background colors, fill patterns, and Time Axis Level heights.

4) Use controls to Re-order the positions of individual Time Axis Levels with respect to one another at the top and bottom of the project view.

5) Create Floating Time Axis Levels and Cells within the graph, change their positions, show and hide Floating Time Axis Levels, and edit their format properties.

6) Create Non-Linear Time Axis Level Cells by manually selecting these Cells and stretching or compressing their widths as required to change the appearance of timespans in the project view.

7) Create Curtains in the project view corresponding to Time Axis Level Cell(s) widths and edit Curtain format properties.

8) Create and edit Daily Curtains with selective colors for weekdays and weekends, control their transparency percentage, and their border properties.

9) Define Working and Non-Working Hour timespans for each day of the week, control how these timespans are shown in the project view, and establish a specific Color for Non-Working Hours.

10) Create your own Custom Date Formats as extensions to those standard date formats provided by OnePager 6.1 for Years, Quarters, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, and below.

11) Manage your created Curtains and Non-Linear Time Axis Level Cell’s timespans in a centralized Curtains and Timespans Grid (The Grid).

12) Modify the Percent Complete (%Complete) representation in the project view to take account of Non-Working times.

Redesigned Template and Project-View Properties Forms

To implement these new features and enhancements OnePager 6.1’s Template and PVP form’s tabs associated with the Time Axis are redesigned to centralize all controls and access to Time Axis related forms in a single Template and PVP form Time Axis tab.

1) The Time Axis Upgrade includes a redesigned Time Axis Properties form previously titled the Advanced time-axis features form.

2) As you recall, the Advanced time-axis features form was accessible by either right-clicking on a Time Axis Cell or by clicking the Configure time-axis button on the Template/PVP form’s Main tab.

3) The redesign places all Time Axis related global controls on one Template/PVP form tab as shown here for the PVP form's Time Axis tab:

P61-0 0 4-61-(5)-12102018.png

4) The Time Axis Upgrade also includes enhancements to manual editing of Time Axis Level Cell format properties.

5) As an example of just one of the new capabilities, the illustration below shows a Floating Time Axis within the Graph: :

P61-0 0 4-61-(4-1)-08012018.png

More Information

6) Detailed articles for using the new Time Axis Upgrade’s features and enhancements can be found at this link: Modifying the Time Axis (Portal).

7) Please take a moment to look at the Read More… article below which provides an introduction of these new Time Axis features and enhancements with examples.

Read More... Time Axis Upgrades for OnePager 6.1

The Honoring Non-Working Time Feature for Percent Complete (%Complete) in Microsoft Project and Excel Source Plans

1) The Honor Non-Working Time feature is an advanced feature provided in OnePager Pro 6.1 so that you can accurately display %Complete bars in your project views that match the %Complete bars in Microsoft Project’s Gantt Charts when you configure the Microsoft Project Calendar with appropriate Working and Non-Working Time. This advanced feature is also adapted to Microsoft Excel source files.

2) Specifying precise Working Hours and Non-Working Hours has an impact on how OnePager Pro 6.1 expresses Percent Complete (%Complete) when you decide to Honor non-working time in the calculations.

a) This feature assures that you can apply your Microsoft Project Calendar and have the OnePager Pro 6.1 graph accurately reflect the percent complete information from the source plan.
b) You have the capability to select whether you want to take into account source plan Working Hours or Elapsed Time as is the case with previous versions of OnePager.

4) Please take a moment to look at the Read More… article below which provides more details of these new Honor Non-Working Time features and enhancements with examples.

Read More... The Honor Non-Working Time Feature for OnePager Pro and The Honor Non-Working Time Feature for OnePager Express.

New Shapes and Color Palette

For OnePager Pro and Express 6.1 there are additional Task Bar shapes provided in the Template/PVP form Task Bars tab’s Default Task Bar Styles control group at the Shape dropdown menu and a new Color Chooser form Standard palette provided as well.

1) The fifteen (15) new Task Bar shapes provided with OnePager Pro and Express 6.1 are shown below:

P61-0 0 4-61-(2)-07262018.png

2) The updated Color Chooser form with the default Standard palette looks like this:

P61-0 0 4-61-(3)-07262018.png

More Information

3) Detailed articles concerning the new Task Bar Shapes for OnePager Pro and Express 6.1 can be found at these links: Task Bars Tab for OnePager Pro and Task Bars Tab for OnePager Express.

4) A detailed article concerning the new Color Palette Upgrade’s features and enhancements can be found at this link: Creating and Saving Color Palettes.


In OnePager 6.1 there is a new Auto-Save feature to assist you with recovering from operating system crashes, laptop battery outages, and other errors where you cannot recover your work effectively.

1) The feature is automatically turned ON when you launch OnePager Pro or Express6.1 either the Add-in or Desktop application.

2) During the operation of OnePager 6.1, the Auto-Save feature saves your project view as a .TAM file in your default project view directory. This is normally in the Documents folder under either OnePager Pro or OnePager Express.

3) The Auto-Save file name is in the form of _AutoSave_projectviewname.TAM. Only the last Auto-Save file saved exists in your default project view directory.

4) An Auto-Save file is written to this folder every five (5) minutes of OnePager Pro or Express 6.1’s operation.

5) When you Close OnePager 6.1 under normal conditions, the Auto-Save file is deleted so as not to occupy unnecessary storage space.

6) You have the option to turn the Auto-Save feature OFF by unchecking the checkbox found on the File tab of the OnePager 6.1 ribbon at the Options sub-tab.

7) Turning the Auto-Save feature OFF causes the feature to remain OFF until the next OnePager 6.1 launch where you turn the feature back ON as shown below:

P61-0 0 4-61-(1)-07262018.png

8) For more information, please see the following article: Troubleshooting (Redraw, Re-Starting, AutoSave, Feedback, Log Reporting).