Zebra Striping for Rows and Swimlanes for OnePager Pro for Version 6.0

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About Zebra Striping

OnePager Pro (OPP) lets you stripe the background colors for rows or swimlanes and the respective additional text columns and label areas. The controls are in the Advanced tab of the Project-View Properties (PVP) and of the Template Properties forms. The controls consist of two radio buttons and the selection of the desired alternating colors.


1) Let’s look at an existing project view as an example and apply Zebra stripes to both rows and swimlanes. The following is a project view where we have multiple projects and have eliminated all background color:

P60-12 23 1-60-(1)-11222016.png

2) OnePager will apply alternate row or swimlane stripes from the bottom most row/swimlane to the top.

a) It will start the stripes in the bottom most row/swimlane with Color 2 alternating to Color 1 in that fashion until the top most row/swimlane is finished.
b) If rows or swimlanes are changed in any way by manually moving them up or down, splitting them, merging them, or through re-configuring rows and swimlanes by changing the Microsoft Project field driving the configuration, OnePager will automatically re-stripe the project view from bottom to top starting with Color 2 as previously described.

Row Stripes

1) To Zebra stripe rows, go to the PVP form by clicking the Project-View Properties button on the Home ribbon. Then go to the Advanced tab as shown below:

P60-12 23 1-60-(2AA)-03032017.png
a) In the form above, select the Row stripes radio button and select two colors, Color 1 and Color 2 from the available color palettes.
b) Click Apply to make the change and keep the form visible or click OK to make the change and close the form. The project view will look like this:
P60-12 23 1-60-(3)-11222016.png
c) If you don't desire the additional text columns to be included in the row striping operation, manually select all text columns. Then right-click and select the Properties command to reveal Edit Row properties form as shown below:
P60-12 23 1-60-(4)-11222016.png
i) For illustration, we’ve selected white as the background color for the additional text column area.
ii) Select the color and then click OK on the Edit Row properties form.
iii) After this step is completed, the project view will look like this:
P60-12 23 1-60-(5)-11222016.png

Swimlane Stripes

2) To Zebra stripe at the swimlane level, the process is similar to the Row Stripes process described above except that the Swimlane Stripes radio button is selected. For illustration, the following project view has swimlane stripes applied (which includes the swimlane label):

P60-12 23 1-60-(6)-11222016.png


3) In the project view above, where swimlane stripes are applied and both swimlane labels and additional text columns are displayed, the swimlane stripes will be applied to the appropriate additional text columns.

Row and Swimlane Stripes with Multi-Page Output

4) Zebra striping in multi-page outputs is handled sequentially from top to bottom using first Color1 and then Color2 alternatively. Since horizontal page breaks may be at the row or swimlane level, OnePager will continue the striping of alternative colors from page to page honoring the page breaks.

a) Here’s an example of swimlane zebra stripes in a multi-page project view:
P60-12 23 1-60-(7)-11222016.png
b) Here’s an example of row zebra stripes in a multi-page project view:
P60-12 23 1-60-(8)-11222016.png
c) For more information on multi-page outputs, please the articles at this link: Creating Multi-Page Project Views (Portal) .