Getting Started with Version 6.1 (Portal)

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To assist you with making your first project view, we’ve created two sets of articles which we recommend you reference before you begin.

The two articles are intended specifically for OnePager Pro (OPP) or for OnePager Express (OPX) users. Since you will be importing your data from either Microsoft Project or Microsoft Excel, the two sets of article links below are organized in the table below so that OPP related links are on the left and OPX links are on the right.

Getting Started with OnePager Pro Add-in Getting Started with OnePager Express Add-in
Getting Started with OnePager Pro Desktop Getting Started with OnePager Express Desktop

If for any reason you encounter issues, the following resources are available for additional assistance:

a) Frequently Asked Questions
b) How-to Articles
c) Video Tutorials for OnePager Pro
d) Video Tutorials for OnePager Express
e) The Chronicle Graphics Blog

You may also submit a support ticket or e-mail your question.