Managing Inserted Curtains for OnePager Express for Version 7.0

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In addition to being able to insert a Curtain from the OnePager Insert ribbon tool bar tab, you can also insert a Curtain by using The Grid available in the Template and Chart Properties form's Time Axis tab at the Format sub-tab. Inserting Curtains with this mechanism provides a great deal of control and flexibility when Curtains are an important part of your schedule presentation.

Inserting and Managing Curtains

In addition to being able to insert manual Curtains using the Curtain button on the OnePager Express Insert ribbon tool bar tab, OnePager provides capability to insert Curtains from within the Chart Properties/Template Properties form’s Time Axis tab. The Chart Properties form Time Axis tab’s Format sub-tab shown below:

X70-22 5 8-70-(1-1)-11252020.png

Controls are provided to (1) Add a Curtain, (2) Copy an existing Curtain entry to create another Curtain entry, and (3) Delete a selected Curtain entry. You can also edit most Curtain properties with the controls found in the Curtains and Timespans Grid shown above. Daily Curtains cannot be edited in The Grid.

Using the Grid to Insert A Curtain - An Example

A sample Curtain created within the Curtains and Timespans Grid above looks like this:

X70-22 5 8-70-(2)-11252020.png

In the entry for the new Curtain, you can click the Properties button and access the Curtain Properties form to edit the Curtain just created as shown here:

X70-22 5 8-70-(3)-11252020.png

Curtains can be edited exactly like a manually inserted Curtain by right-clicking on the Curtain itself to access the curtain right-click context menu:

X70-22 5 8-70-(4)-11252020.png

Clicking the Properties… command accesses the standard Curtain Properties form shown here:

X70-22 5 8-70-(5)-11252020.png

When there are multiple Curtains they are all listed in the Curtains and Timespans Grid individually. Curtains are snapshot-dependent. Daily Curtains are not managed using the Curtain Properties form nor do they appear as entries in The Grid.

For more information on Daily Curtains, please see the articles at: Creating, Editing, and Managing Time Axis Daily Curtains for OnePager Express

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