Moving and Resizing Images for OnePager Live

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About Moving and Resizing Images

20.2.1-OPL Not Edited Beyond this Point.

When a graphic is inserted into a project view and selected with a left-click there are eight grab points that appear indicating that the image may be resized or moved to any location.

Moving an Image

To move an image, left-click its interior, drag it to the desired position on the screen, and release the left-click button as shown here:

P53-20 2 1-53-(2)-12302015.png

Resizing an Image

To resize an image, left-click the image, drag one of the grab points to the desired place, and release the mouse left-click button to finish the resizing operation as shown below:

P53-20 2 1-53-(1)-12302015.png

Important Note

You should note that images imported into a OnePager Live project view will be placed on top of OnePager Live generated graphics. This is different from OnePager Pro or OnePager Express, our desktop products. Given this, we recommend that imported images be positioned in the project view where they will not interfere or cover up elements of the project view that are necessary for you to accomplish your schedule conversation or presentation.