Repeating Elements for Version 6.1

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About Repeating Elements

1) The Repeating Elements group on the Page Layout tab provides a set of checkboxes which you can check or uncheck to control which adornment element (e.g., header, footer, rows/swimlane, etc.) should be repeated on every appropriate page of the output.

2) The adornment element options available are shown below:

P61-8 6 1 2 3-61-(1)-10262017.png

Recommended Conventions

1) With all five adornment elements turned on, each page of the multi-page view contains all the information. In some circumstances, these result in project view pages that can be cluttered.

2) To reduce clutter, OnePager has some conventions that assist you as follows:

Rows and Swimlanes

a) When the Row/swimlanes checkbox is unchecked, OnePager only displays the rows and swimlanes (if set to be displayed) on the left-hand most pages in the multi-page set as shown here:
P61-8 6 1 2 3-61-(2)-10262017.png

Time Axes

b) In a similar way, if the Time axis checkbox is unchecked, OnePager only displays the time axis (assuming that the time axis is configured for display) in the top-most pages of the multi-page view as shown below:
P61-8 6 1 2 3-61-(3)-10262017.png

Footer and Title

c) For the footer and title there is a slightly modified convention. If either or both of these checkboxes are unchecked, the footer and/or the title are only displayed on the first page, the page in the upper-left of the Print Preview view mode screen as shown below:
P61-8 6 1 2 3-61-(4)-10262017.png


d) The header is treated in the same way as the footer and title. When a header is available and the Header checkbox is unchecked, the header are only displayed on the top left-most page of the multi-page view (Page 1).