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[[Category:Editing a Project View]]
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[[Category:Task/Milestone Editing]]
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About Selecting Tasks and Milestones

OnePager provides several methods for selecting one or multiple tasks/milestones in order to make manual edits:

(1) Single selection Select, using a left click, a single task/milestone in the graph, and notice that it receives a solid border selection box with two grab points (top and bottom) in the middle of the task/milestone.
P61-9 1 1-61-(1)-10272017.png
(2) Multiple selections Select multiple tasks/milestones by holding down the Control key (CTRL) and then selecting several tasks or milestones using successive left clicks.
P61-9 1 1-61-(2)-10272017.png
(3) Lasso You can also drag a selection lasso around a group of tasks/milestones by first left clicking the mouse in some empty area of the graph and then dragging the selection rectangle around a group of tasks/milestones. Releasing the mouse left click button will select the tasks/milestones inside the lasso.
P61-9 1 1-61-(3)-10272017.png
(4) Select all Alternatively, go to the OnePager Home tab and click Select All button in the Editing group to select all tasks/milestones on the screen. Then you can hold down the Control key and deselect tasks that you do not want to select.
P61-9 1 1-61-(4)-10272017.png
(5) Esc key If you want to redo your task/milestone selections, press the ESC key and OnePager will deselect all previously selected tasks/milestones.

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