Using Enterprise Custom Fields from Microsoft Project (OnePager Pro)

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OnePager offers access to Microsoft Project Server’s Enterprise Custom Fields so that you can use these fields to determine swimlanes, colors, task names, and other properties. To enable this feature, use the following steps:

a) When you launch Microsoft Project Professional, make sure that it is logged into Microsoft Project Server. (If you work offline, you will have no access to Enterprise Custom Fields in OnePager).
P52-24 3-(1)-06052015.png
b) Open the OnePager “Template Properties” form. The “Get Enterprise Custom Fields” check box appears on every tab of the OnePager “Template Properties” form. Check the checkbox shown below, which will login to Project Server and extract the list of Enterprise Custom Fields. The check box will not stay checked if the host computer is not connected to Project Server or if OnePager is unable to login to Microsoft Project Server. If OnePager is unable to login automatically, it may prompt you to enter your Project-Server password. There is a registry setting called “FormsAuth” that configures the password prompting if OnePager is not able to automatically login using your default Windows credentials. See the OnePager README file in the OnePager download and installation package for details on this.
b) If OnePager is able to login to Microsoft Project Server, these fields will now be available to you for ordering swimlanes, coloring tasks, doing conditional formatting, defining percent-complete, defining critical segments, naming tasks, and all other uses of Microsoft Project plan columns in OnePager. (Upon checking this checkbox, there may be a delay as OnePager attempts to login to Microsoft Project Server.)
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