Handling Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets Containing Multiple Projects For Version 7.1

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One of the strength of OnePager is its ability to create compact visual representations of multiple projects that are part of a single Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. These can be several projects that belong to one program or they can be several projects and programs in an organization’s portfolio. Representing multiple projects originating in a single Microsoft Excel source plan can, therefore, be easily done with the creative selection of Row and Swimlane fields from the Microsoft Excel source plan.

This article is primarily focused on OnePager Express (OPX). However, this article also applies to OnePager Bundle (OPB) where OPB is accessing Microsoft Excel source plans.

Multi-Project Excel Source Plan in a Single Spreadsheet

One method for using a single Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is to add a field to your source plan with a field name of Project. This name is recognized by OnePager and is utilized in OPX or OPB multi-project Template Properties form shipped with the product. An example Microsoft Excel source plan with the Project field is shown below:

X70-8 3 1-70-(1)-08272019.png

After configuring your Microsoft Excel source plan with the Project field and the necessary multi-project schedule data, you can create a useful multi-project chart by following the steps described in the next section.


Launch Microsoft Excel and load the source plan represented in the previous section. Then, launch OnePager from Microsoft Excel's Adds-in tab on its tool bar. This action accesses the OnePager Express Start or OnePager Bundle Start form shown here:

X71-7 2 1-71-(2)-11082021.png

Creating a NEW Chart from a Multi-Project Source Plan

Next, click the NEW button on the OnePager Express Start or OnePager Bundle Start form. This accesses the OnePager choices (OPC) form where the Microsoft Excel source plan file name is shown in the Select File(s) section of the form as shown below

X71-8 3 1-71-(2-1)-05102022.png

Before created the NEW multi-project chart we must change the Template Properties form to support the creation of a chart from a multi-project source plan as described below.

Setting up the OnePager Template Properties Form for a Multi-Project Chart

As shown above, the OnePager choices (OPC) form does not show that a multi-project Template Properties form is being used. Before proceeding further we must change the Template Properties form's setting so that a multi-project Template Properties form is used to create the chart. This is done by clicking the Change button in the Starting Template group of the form as shown below:

X71-8 3 1-71-(3-1)-05102022.png

Clicking the Change button accesses the folder where OnePager stores Template Properties forms distributed with the product as shown above. Select the Multi-Project Gantt Chart - Detailed entry in the window shown above and click the Open button at the bottom of the form. When you click the Open button on the Open form shown above, OnePager changes the current Template Properties form to the Multi-Project Gantt Chart – Detailed Template.

Use the Microsoft Excel Source Plan to Create the Chart

You are now ready to create the multi-project chart. First, click the Next> button (shown above) which takes you to the second page of the OPC form shown below:

X70-8 3 1-70-(4)-08272019.png

Next, check your field mapping settings or make any Template Properties form adjustments. When you are finished, click the Create new chart button on the second page. OnePager generates a multi-project chart that looks like this:

X70-8 3 1-70-(5)-08272019.png

The chart above represents two separate projects using the swimlanes to organize the tasks/milestones for each project grouping. As the projects progress and additional projects are added, the additional swimlanes with their corresponding rows are added to the chart in future snapshots.

Updating Charts Created from Multiple Projects in a Single Microsoft Excel Source Plan

Eventually you want to update your multi-project chart by either adding a snapshot or replacing a snapshot. To perform either the add or the replace snapshot, the processes described in these two referenced article references that follow can be used.

REPLACING a Snapshot via Pull Operation
ADDING a Snapshot via Pull Operation

The key to making updates to multi-project charts from multiple-projects contained in a single Microsoft source plan is the proper management of the Microsoft Excel source plan data in the source packet. Recall that the source packet contains the file or files that are to be used to either create or update a chart. They are stored as file names and path names in the chart’s .TAM file, and can be accessed from the OnePager Data ribbon tool bar tab’s Selected file(s) button on the ribbon as shown below:

X70-8 3 1-70-(6)-08272019.png

Validating the contents of the source packet and assuring that these are the Microsoft Excel source plans that were updated is an essential step before proceeding to perform a chart update.

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