Modifying Decorations on Tasks/Milestones for Version 6.1 (Portal)

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About Decorations

1) Decorations on task/milestones include the following Data-Driven elements:

  • Date labels
  • Percent complete
  • Baselines
  • Critical path
  • Deadlines
  • Endpoints

2) Task labels are not considered a Decoration for the purpose of this discussion.

3) The subject of task labels is covered in this article: Manual versus Data-Driven Editing (Portal).

Decoration Controls

1) Decorations are controlled through the Project-View Properties (PVP) form.

2) Please see this article for more information: Editing with the Project-View Properties form (Portal).

3) This article overviews instructions on two methods for manually changing decorations for individual tasks/milestones.

4) The two sub-sections below, we’ll briefly cover both methods:

(1) Using the PVP form to change all task/milestone decoration properties, and
(2) the Format… commands available to modify the decoration properties of a single task/milestone.

Using the Project-View Properties Form

1) Decorations on all tasks/milestones can be manually changed by using the Task Bars or Milestones tabs in the PVP form.

2) Using these controls you can change the decoration properties of all tasks/milestones in the current project view without changing any of the settings in the current Template.

3) Doing so makes mavericks of all tasks/milestones participating in the change.

4) For convenience we've added a checkbox titled Mirror format setting between task bars and milestones shown below.

5) When this checkbox is checked, OnePager automatically makes any changes to Milestones that are made to Task Bars for all settings where a blue dot appears to the right of the setting.

6) This checkbox appears in both the Task Bar tab and the Milestone tab of the PVP form and the corresponding tabs of the Template Properties form.

P60-10 0 1-60-(0A)-02092017.png

7) The Gantt Bar Decorations group of the PVP form is shown below as an example:

P60-10 0 1-60-(1)-02092017.png

8) Task Bar and Milestone fill colors are always mirrored regardless of the Mirror... checkbox being checked on or off.

9) Instructions for editing specific decorations for OnePager Pro and Express are located at the links shown at the end of this article.

Modifying Individual Task/Milestone Decorations

1) Decorations can be modified for individual tasks and milestones (or selected groups of them) using the Change Marker Properties form.

2) This form can be accessed two ways:

(1) Right-clicking a Task/Milestone. Accessing the Change Marker Properties form with this method requires you to right-click on the task or milestone. This action accesses the available commands in the context menu. Then, select the Format… command to access the Change Marker Properties form.
P53-10 0 1-53-(2)-03142016.png
(2) Format button on the OnePager Pro Home Ribbon. The Change Marker Properties form can also be accessed by clicking the Format… button after you have selected one or more tasks/milestones to edit. The Format...button on the ribbon is shown below:
P52-10 -(2)-06012015.png

Links to Detailed Decoration Editing Articles

Use the links below to access more information on editing task/milestone decorations:

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Percent complete for OnePager Pro Percent complete for OnePager Express
Baselines for OnePager Pro Baselines for OnePager Express
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Deadlines for OnePager Pro Deadlines for OnePager Express
Endpoints for OnePager Pro Endpoints for OnePager Express
Order of Tasks/Milestones Decorations

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