Selecting Tasks/Milestones for Editing for Version 6.1

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About Selecting Tasks and Milestones

OnePager provides several methods for selecting one or multiple tasks/milestones in order to make manual edits:

(1) Single selection Select, using a left click, a single task/milestone in the graph, and notice that it receives a solid border selection box with two grab points (top and bottom) in the middle of the task/milestone.
P61-9 1 1-61-(1)-10272017.png
(2) Multiple selections Select multiple tasks/milestones by holding down the Control key (CTRL) and then selecting several tasks or milestones using successive left clicks.
P61-9 1 1-61-(2)-10272017.png
(3) Lasso You can also drag a selection lasso around a group of tasks/milestones by first left clicking the mouse in some empty area of the graph and then dragging the selection rectangle around a group of tasks/milestones. Releasing the mouse left click button will select the tasks/milestones inside the lasso.
P61-9 1 1-61-(3)-10272017.png
(4) Select all Alternatively, go to the OnePager Home tab and click Select All button in the Editing group to select all tasks/milestones on the screen. Then you can hold down the Control key and deselect tasks that you do not want to select.
(5) Esc key If you want to redo your task/milestone selections, press the ESC key and OnePager will deselect all previously selected tasks/milestones.