Absorbing one task into another

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Task/milestone absorption is a handy way to compress information on the screen. The idea is to “absorb” one task or milestone into another task or milestone, leaving behind only a comment box (or perhaps two comment boxes) to indicate the presence of the absorbed task/milestone. To do this follow the steps below:

1) Drag the task/milestone to be absorbed on top of the task/milestone that will absorb it, as shown below, where we are absorbing “MERLIN Subcontractor Selection” into “Create Working Plan.” If the absorbed task/milestone fits entirely inside the absorbing task/milestone (in time), a form will appear, asking if you want to be replace the absorbed task name by one comment box or two and at what date position (End or Start Date).

P52-17 -(1)-06042015.png

2) After making a choice and clicking “OK”, the absorbed task/milestone is hidden and is replaced by one or two comment boxes. The comment boxes mark its start time, its end time, or both depending on your previous selection. If the task/milestone to be absorbed does not fit entirely inside the absorbing task/milestone, then it is not possible to carry out this absorption operation.

P52-17 -(2)-06042015.png

3) Comment boxes originating by absorption can be edited just like any other comment box. Simply right-click the comment box and choose the “Properties…” command.

P52-17 -(3)-06042015.png

4) Any Event Links associated with the absorbed tasks are retained in the resulting absorbing task representation.

5) To un-absorb a task/milestone that was replaced by one or two comment boxes, right-click the absorbing task/milestone and choose “Un-absorb tasks” command as shown below:

P52-17 -(4)-06042015.png

6) This will return both the absorbed tasks/milestones and the absorbing task/milestone to the way they were before you executed the absorption as shown here:

P52-17 -(5)-06042015.png

7) To complete the unabsorb process, drag the previously absorbed task back to its original position as shown below:

P52-17 -(6)-06042015.png

8) Even Links associated with the previously absorbed task are restored after the unabsorb process is completed.

A Note

9) Changing the text in the comment box has the same effect as editing the “Task-Name” of the absorbed task/milestone.

10) If you accidentally delete the comment box containing the absorbed task/milestone and want to get it back, all you have to do is go to the project view ”Home” tab and click the “Show/Hide” button, select the “Show all Markers” sub-command to unhide all the hidden tasks/milestones:

P52-17 -(7)-06042015.png

11) For reverting back (Unabsorbing), we recommend that you use the UNDO function if it can be performed immediately after the absorb function is applied.