Activating Your OnePager Express License

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About Your OnePager Express License

1) OnePager is an add-in to Microsoft Excel, which automatically displays the OnePager icon once OnePager is installed. That tool bar looks like this:

X52-2 6-(1)-06082015.png
a) To activate your license, click on the OnePager icon button. This brings up the OnePager Express Start form shown below:
X52-2 6-(2)-06082015.png
b) Click on the OnePager Express Start form menu bar’s Help button. This brings up the OnePager Express Help form where you’ll see the Get Standard License button at the bottom:
X52-2 6-(3)-06082015.png
c) This brings up the OnePager Express licensing form as shown below:
X52-2 6-(4)-06082015.png
d) Clicking the Request License Key button takes you to the Chronicle Graphics’ website (Request a License Key) where the installation code and product type are automatically filled in. The Chronicle Graphics website’s Request a License Key page looks like this:
X52-2 6-(5)-06082015.png
e) Enter your name, company, e-mail address, and Order Number. Your installation code is filled in for you along with the Product Name. Your Order Number can be found in the e-mail from which you downloaded the .zip file. Specify your Reason for Request (New or Replacement key), then click the Request Key.
f) When you receive the email, simply copy (CTL+C) and paste (CTL+V) the License Key provided in the email into the License Key window of the OnePager license form, shown above, and click the “Activate License” button.
g) If for any reason you are not able to access the Internet from OnePager Express, follow the instructions above to get to the OnePager Express License form. Once there, copy (CTRL+C) the Installation code and paste (CTRL+V) it into an email message with your identifying information, including your Order Number, and send it to Licensing Department. The Licenses Department will return your License Key shortly via email. When this email is received, copy (CTRL+C) the License Key and paste (CTRL+V) the license key received into the License key window of the aboveOnePager Express license form. Make sure to completely overlay everything including the braces when pasting (CTRL+V) the License Key provided into this window. To complete the activation, press Activate License.

Special Situations

2) Sometimes there are special environments where Chronicle Graphics’ automated licensing system cannot be accessed, making it necessary to manually copy the Installation Code into an email. In these situations it is often easy to confuse certain characters (e.g. the letter ‘l’ and the number ‘1’), resulting in an invalid Installation Code.

a) To help mitigate this, we added a checkbox titled Use colors on look-alike characters. Checking this checkbox will alter the appearance of the Installation Code as shown below:
X52-2 6-(6)-06082015.png
b) As shown above, there is a legend next to the checkbox that helps you make sure you have the right characters when you are in this situation.
c) When, despite the color coding, you email us an Installation Code that is invalid, we can use fuzzy logic processing to check for similar codes differing only by these look-alike characters. If we find a valid Installation Code, we will email you the resulting License Key. Otherwise, we will notify you that your Installation Code was invalid for other reasons and will help you resolve the issue.
d) As an added support measure, we upgraded to our licensing system to support computers that have the FIPS algorithm policy enabled.

OnePager Express Desktop Application

3) The OnePager Express (OPX) Desktop application using the same methodology to activate a valid Installation Code as does the Add-in application.