Adding Conditional Formatting Rules for OnePager Live Beta 2 (MS Excel Source)

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11.4.1-OPL2 for 11.4.1-60 7/14/2017

Use the following steps to add a conditional formatting rule or rules:

1) From either the Task Bars or Milestones tab of the Project-View Properties (PVP) or Template Properties form, click the Manage Rules button:

X60-11 4 1-60-(1)-02132017.png

2) You are now ready to add rules.

a) Click on the “Add Rule” button. OnePager will create a blank line in the window shown above so you can enter the first rule. The line consists of three major parts:
(1) the rule select checkbox,
(2) the rule conditions, and
(3) the rule actions.
b) First let’s look at the first two parts as shown below:
X60-11 4 1-60-(2)-02132017.png

3) The rule select checkbox in the column above called On is checked and the columns that include the rule conditions are shown. Entering some parameter data into the rule gives the following before the rule actions are established:

X60-11 4 1-60-(3)-02132017.png

4) In the Field column shown above is a dropdown that allows you to select the field from your Microsoft Excel source plan. The second column above (Operator) is a dropdown that allows you to pick from the following operators:

X60-11 4 1-60-(4)-02132017.png
a) For Text field types have four operators:
(1) equal,
(2) not equal,
(3) Contains, and
(4) Does not contain.
b) For Numeric and date fields, the operators are shown here:
X60-11 4 1-60-(5)-02132017.png
c) For Boolean fields (i.e., True/False) the operators are shown in the graphic below. Note that the Value column is disabled since selecting the Operator satisfies the need for a value.
X60-11 4 1-60-(6)-02132017.png

5) Since OnePager knows the field type imported from your Microsoft Excel source plan, the Operator column above will show the appropriate operator selections when the dropdown menu above is accessed.

6) The Value columns in the two illustrations above are associated with the Field column selection. OnePager will perform the evaluation and then apply the formats specified in the rule to the tasks/milestones as determined by the Applies to column above.

a) Note that for string matches, it is permissible to have the value column be a set of strings separated by commas.
b) In this situation, the rule will be matched when the column value is equal to any of the comma separated values.
c) The Value field is not used when the Field column is a Microsoft Excel Boolean data type.

7) To make the comparison between text data specified in the Field column of the Conditional Formatting Rules form, OnePager will trim leading and trailing white space such as blanks or control characters. However, OnePager will not trim excess white space within a valid character string.

8) The Value field may be used to compare against today’s date by inserting the word TODAY into the Value field.

a) This is useful for establishing a rule where it is important to color or otherwise highlight a task whose Finish date is less than or equal to today’s date, for example.
b) Such a rule might look like the illustration below:
P60-11 3 1-60-(7)-02132017.png

9) To tell OnePager whether to apply a rule to tasks, to milestones, or to both, there are three options for the Applies to field as shown below:

X60-11 4 1-60-(8)-02132017.png