Adding a Row or Swimlane for Version 6.1

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1) OnePager enables you to manually add blank rows or swimlanes to the project view.

2) To add rows or swimlanes follow the steps below:

3) Right click the text column cell or swimlane label.

Add Row Example

1) The following context menu appears:

P52-12 16-(1)-06022015.png

Add Above

a) When the Add above command is selected, a blank row (or swimlane) is added above the selected position.

Add Below

b) When the Add below command is selected, a blank row (or swimlane) is added below the selected position.

Add Swimlane Example

2) Right click in the empty space associated with the swimlane where you want to add an additional swimlane. This action brings up the context menu shown below:

P61-12 16 1-61-(2)-11022017.png

3) Where you right click in the empty space of the graph is important as OnePager interprets the right click as identifying a specific row and swimlane where the commands in the context menu applies.

4) The Add Above and Add Below commands have the same effects as described above.