Backing Up and Restoring OnePager Files for Version 6.1

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1) Sometimes accidents happen to your computer that can cause you to lose access to the project views and Templates that you have created in OnePager.

2) These accidents include:

  • Loss or destruction of your computer.
  • Crash of your hard drive.
  • Re-imaging of your hard drive to repair a problem.
  • Upgrade of your computer to a new computer or to a new operating system.

Backing Up Files

1) Fortunately, IT departments often make periodic backups of certain folders where you routinely store documents, such as folders under the My Documents.

2) Data that are stored in such backed-up folders are recoverable when something unforeseen happens.

3) Since your OnePager files for project views, Templates, color palettes, and custom milestone symbols are standard Microsoft Windows files in standard folders, these files can be backed-up using your own backup processes and tools or those available in your organization or network.

Restoring Files

1) Restoration as needed can also be done by using your own or organizational procedures and processes for restoring folders and files.

2) OnePager does not provide any internal mechanisms for backing up or restoring OnePager files.


1) In OnePager 6.1 there is a new Auto-Save feature to assist you with recovering from operating system crashes, laptop battery outages, and other errors where you cannot recover your work effectively.

2) The feature is automatically turned ON when you launch OnePager Pro or Express 6.1 either the Add-in or Desktop application.

3) During the operation of OnePager 6.1, the Auto-Save feature saves your project view as a .TAM file in your default project view directory. This is normally in the Documents folder under either OnePager Pro or OnePager Express.

4) The Auto-Save file name is in the form of _AutoSave_projectviewname.TAM. Only the last Auto-Save file saved exists in your default project view directory.

5) An Auto-Save file is written to this folder every five (5) minutes of OnePager Pro or Express 6.1’s operation.

6) When you Close OnePager 6.1 under normal conditions, the Auto-Save file is deleted so as not to occupy unnecessary storage space.

7) You have the option to turn the Auto-Save feature OFF by unchecking the checkbox found on the File tab of the OnePager 6.1 ribbon at the Options sub-tab.

8) Turning the Auto-Save feature OFF causes the feature to remain OFF until the next OnePager 6.1 launch where you turn the feature back ON as shown below:

P61-0 0 4-61-(1)-07262018.png

9) For more information, please see the following article: Troubleshooting (Redraw, Re-Starting, AutoSave, Feedback, Log Reporting).