Conditional Formatting with Boolean Fields (OnePager Express)

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The OnePager Conditional Formatting feature also supports Microsoft Excel Boolean fields which have only two values. That is, those fields whose values can be resolved to either a TRUE or a FALSE. OnePager supports these four values (i.e., Yes, No, True, or False).


1) As an example, suppose we have the Microsoft Excel plan shown below which consists of three phases and resources consisting of four teams (Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, and Team 4).

X52-11 6-(1)-06092015.png

2) In the Microsoft Excel plan above, the column titled Team Available is actually a Boolean field. To insure that Team Available is imported, you will need to mention Team Available somewhere in the current template so that OnePager knows to bring in these data. Our recommendation is to mention Team Available in the Template Properties form’s Other Columns tab as shown below:

X52-11 6-(2)-06092015.png

3) With the template updated as shown above, the Team Available column will be imported when the project view below is created. Creating a simple project view without Conditional Formatting rules will produce something like this:

X52-11 6-(3)-06092015.png

4) Now suppose you want to represent any team that is Available regardless of the team name with a different task shape. This can be done by creating the following Conditional Formatting rule by accessing the template through the second page of the OnePager Choices (OPC) form:

X52-11 6-(4)-06092015.png

5) When the Conditional Formatting Rules are in place and the project view is created it will look like this:

X52-11 6-(5)-06092015.png

6) OnePager applies the Conditional Formatting Rule created through the Conditional Formatting Rules form and adjusts the legend’s title and provides a legend item to reflect the rule applied. You may manually change the legend title text and legend item text as required.

7) Should you later go back and change the Team Available field in the Microsoft Excel plan, the next OnePager snapshot will reflect the change by continuing to apply the rule.

a) Suppose we want to put emphasis on Team 4 in the next snapshot. To do this it’s just a matter of changing the Team Available field in the Microsoft Excel plan accordingly so it looks like this:
X52-11 6-(6)-06092015.png
b) You can now create another snapshot with OnePager the normal way and the project view will now look like this:
X53-11 6-53-(7A)-05042016.png
c) Note that the tasks with the new shape are all associated with Team 2 and Team 4 and the legend is updated to reflect that Teams 2 and 4 are using the desired shape.