Editing with the Chart Properties form for Version 7.1 (Portal)

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Introduction to OnePager's Chart Properties Form

This article describes OnePager’s Chart Properties form. Illustrations used in this article are from OnePager Pro using data from Microsoft Project but the feature's function, controls, and manual edits apply equally to other OnePager editions that import from data sources like Microsoft Excel, Smartsheet, and Oracle Primavera P6.

About Editing with the Chart Properties Form

The articles at: Manual Editing Task/Milestone Shapes and Text Labels (Portal) shows how to manually edit individual shapes in the chart is discussed. These edits apply to the individual shape(s) only. The term maverick is used in OnePager to describe the task bar/milestone symbol properties that differ from the global defaults or from data driven (conditional formatting) values. In addition to manual editing individual task bar/ milestone symbol(s), OnePager can dynamically format your charts based on global default settings established first in Template Properties form and brought into the chart and managed with the Chart Properties form as shown below for OnePager at the form's Main tab:

P70-21 0 1-70-(1A)-10232020.png

The Chart Properties form, like the Template Properties form has twelve (12) tabs, each providing controls for the named component of the chart. These settings available in each of these twelve (3) tabs are maintained in the Chart Properties form and contain some of the most powerful and time saving OnePager features. The articles in this series describe global editing in all twelve tabs available for OnePager Pro, OnePager Express, and OnePager Bundle.

Understanding the Chart Properties form

Use the Chart Properties form to edit default settings that affect the appearance of the chart itself or of all twelve (non-maverick) chart components. For example, instead of changing all milestone symbols or colors one at a time, you can use the Chart Properties form to define your desired shapes, colors and other properties for task bars/milestone symbols and other decorations. You can access the Chart Properties form from the OnePager Home ribbon tool bar tab by clicking the Chart Properties button as shown below:

P70-21 0 1-70-(1)-10132020.png

Once the Chart Properties form is available in the Chart Editor, notice that the form has several tabs wherein there are multiple available settings you can configure to tailor the look of your charts. Each of these tabs is described in detail for OnePager at the following article links:

Main Tab
Rows/Swimlane Tab
Time Axis Tab
Task Bars Tab
Milestones Tab
Legend Tab
Page Layout Tab
Headers and Footers Tab
Comment Boxes Tab
Task Links Tab
Advanced Tab
Field Mappings Tab for OnePager Pro Field Mappings Tab for OnePager Express
Field Mappings Tab for Primavera P6 Source Plans in OnePager Field Mappings Tab for Smartsheet in OnePager

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