Installing OnePager Express Manually on a Per-User or Per-Machine Basis

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The OnePager installation is contained in a single zip file. Install OnePager by double-clicking on setup.exe in this file and following the instructions of the installation wizard.

You will be asked to choose between a single user installation and an installation that is available to everyone for the per-machine installation. The form below appears during manual installation and is used to make this selection:

X52-2 3-(1)-06082015.png

System and network administrators are cautioned to install OnePager for a single user (Just me) into the end-user’s account rather than the administrator’s account.

'Note for Microsoft Excel 2003 users: When installing OnePager Express from the .zip file provided by Chronicle Graphics, start the installation by double-clicking on the setup file. This installs the KB908002 patch to Microsoft Excel 2003 before it installs OnePager Express. KB908002 sis a fix provided by Microsoft (' that allows Microsoft Excel 2003 to launch .NET 2.0 applications like OnePager Express. If you are using Microsoft Excel 2007 or later, this patch is not necessary, so you can skip it by simply double-clicking on the MSI file rather than on the setup file.