Installing and Activating OnePager Pro for Version 6.1 (Portal)

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Installing OnePager Pro Version 6.1

1) Installation of OnePager Pro (OPP) for version 6.1 remains the same procedure as previous versions. The process is repeated here for your convenience

2) We smartened up our installer and are offering you two installation options to launch OPP as an Add-in to Microsoft Project and a new option to launch OPP directly from a desktop icon. (See: Getting Started with OnePager Pro Desktop for more some further details in the context of version 6.1)

Smart Installer

1) The OPP installer comes in two varieties:

(1) a .ZIP file for IT Professionals that are installing OPP into a managed network environment and
(2) an .EXE file for individuals to install on their desktop.

2) The .EXE smart installer figures out the bitness of your computer (i.e., 32-bits or 64-bits) and installs the correct bitness to match your computer automatically.

3) The .ZIP file for IT Professions and contains all installation instructions in the .ZIP file’s README.rtf file. No further discussion on IT Professional installations is provided here.

4) Finally, the smart installer provides you with the options to install both the OPP Add-in and desktop icon launch options or to just install the OPP desktop icon launch option only. Regardless of which of these two options is selected, your computer still requires that Microsoft Project be installed and available.

Microsoft .Net Version Requirements to Run OnePager

5) OPP version 6.1 requires that the users have installed Microsoft .NET version 4.5 Full or later on their computer.

6) OnePager displays both the required Microsoft .NET version and the Microsoft .NET version installed at the About tab on the ribbon’s File tab as shown below:

P61-1 0 1-61-(1)-10262018.png

OnePager Pro Installation Process

7) To install OPP version 6.1 locate the .EXE file from the download and double click on the file name. The following form can appear:

X61-1 0 1-61-(9)-12042018.png

8) Click the Run button which launches the OPP installer and the following form appears:

P61-1 0 1-61-(3)-12042018.png

9) When you click the Setup button the installer begins the installation process and the form below appears:

P61-1 0 1-61-(4)-12042018.png

10) Clicking the Next> button accesses the License Agreement form which you should read. Then, click the I Agree button and the “Next>” button as shown below:

P61-1 0 1-61-(5)-12042018.png

11) After clicking the Next> button on the form above, the OPP installer accesses the Installation Options form shown below:

P61-1 0 1-61-(6)-12042018.png
a) At this point you can either accept the default options or change the selections as required.
b) The first set of options allows you to install OPP for every user account on the computer or only for the user account performing the installation.
c) The second set of options, both of which require the presence of Microsoft Project on the computer, allows you to install both the Add-in and desktop icon launch capability for OPP or just the desktop icon launch capability.
i) Selecting the Launch from my desktop or from Microsoft Project option inserts OPP as a Microsoft Project Add-in and place a OPP desktop icon on your desktop. Please note that after selecting this launch option that you only are able to launch either OPP Add-in or OPP desktop. Only one of these applications can be active at a time. If you attempt to launch both, a warning message appears.
ii) Selecting the Launch from my desktop only option places the OPP desktop icon on your computer.

12) After making your option selections click the Next> button on the form above to access the OnePager Pro Information form shown below:

P61-1 0 1-61-(7)-12042018.png

13) At this point you can copy the contents of the OnePager Pro Information form for later reference and then click the Next> button. This action accesses the OnePager Pro Installation Complete form shown here:

P61-1 0 1-61-(9)-12042018.png

14) Clicking the Close button completes the installation process and you are ready to begin.

OnePager Pro Tutorial

1) The first time you launch Microsoft Project a Getting Started Tutorial form appears as shown below. You can take the tutorial or close it so that you can take the tutorial at another time. The Getting Started Tutorial form continues to appear each time you launch Microsoft Project until you check the Do not show this tutorial at start up checkbox.

P61-1 0 1-61-(10)-12042018.png

2) The Getting Started Tutorial does not automatically appear when you launch OPP from the desktop icon. To get to the tutorial after the OnePager Start form appears, click the Help button in the upper right corner of the form and click the Tutorial button as shown below:

P61-1 0 1-61-(8-1)-04302018.png

3) If you encounter any issues during or after your installation of OPP, please contact us at or go to the following link: Getting Support and Contacting Chronicle Graphics.

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