Labeling Task/Milestone Dates (OnePager Express)

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About Modifying Date Labels

Date label displays are driven by the Start and Finish date data imported from the Microsoft Excel plan. Every task in a Microsoft Excel plan has a designated start and finish date. Milestones’ start and finish dates are usually the same. You may choose to use date labels for tasks, milestones, or both.

Modifying All Date Labels in a Project View

All task and milestone date labels may be modified in a project view without changing the settings in the current “Template” by using the following steps:

Click the “Project-View Properties” button on the OnePager “Home” ribbon in the “Settings” group.

Then, navigate to either the “Task Bars” or “Milestones” tab as appropriate.

Ensure that the “Date Labels” box is checked as shown below:

X52-10 2-(1)-06082015.png

Clicking the “Date Label Properties” button to the right of the “Date Labels” check box will bring up the “Set Date Label Properties” form as shown below:

X52-10 2-(2)-06082015.png

There are eight controls in the form above whose actions are consistent with identical controls found elsewhere in OnePager Pro.

a) Date Label Font: This control causes the “Font properties” form shown below to appear when the drop down button is clicked. Within this form are controls for date text font style, color and size. Additionally, you may set the date text to Bold, Italic, or Underline.
X52-10 2-(3)-06082015.png
b) Show (start/finish) and Position Date Label Text: The two check boxes, “Show start date” and “Show finish date”, control the display of these two dates, respectively. When checked, you have the option of selecting the position of the dates individually or together:
X52-10 2-(4)-06082015.png

A Note

The combination of task label display and date label display globally for all task/milestones may cause a crowded appearance. Use the date label positioning controls to achieve the appearance desired in combination with task labels.

c) Date Format: OnePager provides a great deal of variety for the selection of date formats for task/milestones. For consistency, the available formats for task/milestone date formats are the same as for date formats used for the time axis at the top of the project view. A sample of date formats are shown below:
X52-10 2-(5)-06082015.png
d) Separator: The separators are pairs of symbols that help differentiate the date label from other nearby text (e.g., task labels or percent complete). There are several separator options to select from as shown below:
X52-10 2-(6)-06082015.png
e) Use Fiscal Year: The “Use fiscal year” check box is an instruction, if checked, to OnePager to show the displayed baseline date in the fiscal year format in effect for the project view’s time axis. OnePager will take the action only if the time axis for the project view is, indeed, displaying the time axis in a fiscal year format.

When the “Date Labels” check box is checked and both the “Show start date” and “Show finish date” check boxes are checked in the “Set date label properties” form, the date labels in the project view will look like this:

X52-10 2-(7)-06082015.png

Modifying Individual Date Labels in the Project View

The default settings for date labels on individual task/milestones can be modified by using the following steps: 1) You can select the task/milestone and right-click it to reveal the context menu with the “Format…” command or click the “Format…” button on the OnePager “Home” ribbon.

2) Either way, select the “Date” tab in the “Change Marker Properties” form which looks like this:

X52-10 2-(8)-06082015.png

3) When the “Show Dates” check box is checked as shown above you may decide if you want to “Show Start Date”, “Show Finish Dates” or both by checking the appropriate check box also shown above.

4) Date Label Position: You have the option to change the either the “Start Date Position” or the “Finish Date Position” or both by clicking the drop down menu buttons to the immediate right of the check boxes as shown here:

X52-10 2-(9)-06082015.png

5) Date Label Font: Clicking the “Date Font” drop down menu button causes the “Font properties” form shown below to appear.

X52-10 2-(10)-06082015.png
a) Within the “Font properties” form are controls for date text font style, color and size.
b) Additionally, you may set the date text to Bold, Italic, or Underline.