Making Multi-Project Graphs from MS Project Integrated Master Schedules (OnePager Pro)

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One of the strengths of OnePager is its ability to create compact visual representations of multiple projects. These could be several projects that belong to one program, or they could be several projects and programs in an organization’s portfolio.

Microsoft Project supports the management of multiple projects through the creation of a Microsoft Project Master Project or Integrated Master Schedule.

To create an Integrated Master Schedule of related projects, open Microsoft Project and go to the “Insert Projects” button to insert sub-projects into a Master Project. Save the Master Project with an appropriate Master Project file name for future reference.

Creating a multi-project graph is a simple matter of opening the Microsoft Project Master Project and using a different template to import data and create a new project view.

a) To change templates, launch OnePager and click the “Template Choices” button then click the “File” button as shown below:
P52-8 1-(1)-06012015.png
b) Clicking the “BROWSE” option will take you to where OnePager stores your templates as shown below:
P52-8 1-(2)-06012015.png

The default out-of-the-box template is “Single Project Gantt View – Detailed”. Instead we choose to use the template named “Multi-Project Gantt Chart - Detailed” as shown above.

a) OnePager assumes that when the “Multi-Project Gantt Chart - Detailed” template is in use, that you will be using a Microsoft Project Master Project (Integrated Master Schedule) as the plan.

b) Making that choice changes the “Template” form to have the multi-project template name in the title bar, as is shown below:
P52-8 1-(3)-06012015.png
c) You now have OnePager ready to use the Multi-Project Template to create a multi-project project view for you.

The actions required from this point are just like those described earlier to create a NEW project view.

a) Launch Microsoft Project with your Multi-Project plan.
b) Launch OnePager and select the “NEW” button.
c) OnePager will use the loaded Microsoft Project multi-project plan under control of the “Multi-Project Gantt Chart – Detailed” template to create your multi-project project view as shown below:
P52-8 1-(4)-06012015.png

In the example above, the project view is organized with swimlanes representing various projects in the program from the Microsoft Project plan at Level 4. Rows are used to represent resources.

We now can change the representation of some of the tasks from Gantt bars to milestone symbols by right-clicking them and making the “As milestone at finish” selection shown below:

P52-8 1-(5)-06012015.png

The project view below was produced by representing the project level tasks as Gantt bars and the remaining tasks as milestones:

P52-8 1-(6)-06012015.png

It is also possible to represent the tasks below the project level as milestone symbols positioned at the end of the task period as shown below:

P52-8 1-(7)-06012015.png

These graphs can now be pasted into PowerPoint for delivery to the audience.