Managing Inserted Curtains for OnePager Pro for Version 6.1

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1) In previous version of OnePager Pro Curtains could only be inserted from the OnePager Insert ribbon using the Curtains button which accessed the Curtains Properties form where the desired Curtain’s format properties are established.

2) The Curtains feature in OnePager Pro 6.1 is enhanced to provide an additional way to create and manage Curtains and provide a means to edit them.

Inserting and Managing Curtains

1) In addition to being able to insert manual Curtains using the Curtain button on the OnePager Pro 6.1 ribbon’s Insert tab, OnePager Pro 6.1 adds a new capability to insert Curtains from within the PVP/Template form’s Time Axis tab.

a) The PVP form Time Axis tab’s Format sub-tab shown below:
P61-0 4 1 9-61-(11)-05082018.png
b) Controls are provided to Add a Curtain, Copy an existing Curtain entry to create another Curtain entry, and to Delete a selected Curtain entry.
c) You can also edit most Curtain properties with the controls found in the Curtains and Timespans Grid shown above.

2) A sample Curtain created within the Curtains and Timespans Grid above looks like this:

P61-0 4 1 9-61-(11A)-05082018.png
a) In the entry for the new Curtain, you can click the Properties button and access the Curtain Properties form to edit the Curtain just created as shown here:
P61-0 4 1 9-61-(11B)-05082018.png
b) As in previous OnePager Pro 6.1, Curtains can be edited exactly like a manually inserted Curtain by right-clicking on the Curtain itself to access the Curtain’s context menu:
P61-0 4 1 9-61-(11C)-05082018.png
c) Selecting the Properties… command accesses the standard Curtain Properties form shown here:
P61-0 4 1 9-61-(11D)-05082018.png
d) When there are multiple Curtains they are all listed in the Curtains and Timespans Grid.
e) Curtains are snapshot-dependent.
f) For more information on Inserted Curtains, please see the articles at: Creating, Editing, and Managing Time Axis Daily Curtains for OnePager Pro.

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