Managing Templates for Version 6.0 (Portal)

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About Managing Templates

1) The OnePager Template specifies the initial appearance of each new project view.

2) It is the Template from which a new project view is created and from which all of the settings in the Project-View Properties (PVP) form are initially populated.

3) A Template is a great way to achieve standardization across projects and across people! If everyone starts with the same Template, then the resulting project views will adhere to standards that make it much easier for your audiences to digest.

4) The Template is also the place where you have the largest number of Microsoft Project or Microsoft Excel source plan fields from which to import into OnePager.

5) See the article on Field Mappings tab for more instructions on how to manage additional Microsoft Project and Microsoft Express source plan fields at the following links:

Template Only Features-OnePager Pro Template Only Features-OnePager Express

Accessing the OnePager Template

OnePager has two ways of accessing the Template:

(1) From the Add-in applications of OnePager Pro (OPP) and Express (OPX) and
(2) From the Desktop applications.

Accessing the OnePager Template from the Add-in Application

1) To view or edit the Template from the OnePager Add-in application, click the Templates… button on the Microsoft Project tool bar for OPP or the Microsoft Excel tool bar for OPX. The Template… button for OPP is shown below:

P53-24 0 1-53-(1)-10062016.png

Accessing the OnePager Template from the Desktop Application

2) To view or edit the Template from the OnePager Desktop application requires a couple of steps as described below:

a) Launch OPP or OPX from the desktop icon. This action brings up the OnePager Pro Start form which you should ignore for now.
b) Next, click the File tab on the ribbon of the Project View Editor PVE screen and then the Options tab on the screen will appear like this:
P60-24 0 1-60-(2AA)-03082017.png
c) Clicking the Template... button as shown above will bring up the Template Properties form for editing as illustrated below:
P60-24 1 1-60-(1A)-02222017.png

3) Illustrated above are the steps for accessing the Template associated with the OPP desktop application. The same steps are used to access the OPX desktop application’s Template.

Customizing the OnePager Template

4) You can customize a template to have your project views start out with a common look and use a standard set of Microsoft Project fields. For OPX this also applies to Microsoft Excel fields.

5) The links below provide specific information on using OPP’s Enterprise Custom Fields feature, column splitting and parsing features for both products, and how to manage the current Template.

Using Enterprise Custom Fields from Microsoft Project for OnePager Pro
Splitting and Parsing Fields-OnePager Pro Splitting and Parsing Fields-OnePager Express
Managing the Current Template