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About the Milestones Tab-OnePager Express

This tab page, shown below, lets you control the style and decoration of milestones.

Additionally, within this tab are the controls for creating and managing conditional formatting rules.

Where the controls for this form differ from those on the Task Bars tab, illustrations are shown in the sub-paragraphs below:

X60-21 1 6-60-(1)-02202017.png

Milestone Symbol Styles

1) Milestone Symbol Properties. Collected in this group are all the controls associated with defining or changing the properties of milestone symbols. These controls include:

a) Shape. There are over one-hundred fifty (150) milestone shapes available by using the scroll up and down buttons associated with the Shape window's dropdown. These same shapes are also available as anchors for connectors between comment boxes and task/milestones and elsewhere where OnePager provides anchor shapes.
b) Fill. This dropdown menu shows the five (5) available for milestone symbol fill or texture options.
c) Milestone Height. Allows you to set the bar height as an absolute quantity (inches or centimeters) or as a percentage of the row height, which is shown in parentheses for reference.
d) Border Controls. Allows you to change the color of the milestone symbol border, the width of the border and the border’s style. Further, you have the capability to establish the border color to be the same as the milestone fill color.
e) Gantt Bar/Milestone Fill Color: You may specify a single color for all milestone symbols via the Color Chooser form when the Use one color radio button is selected. Alternatively, selecting the Color-code based on radio button allows you to select a data field imported from the Microsoft Excel source plan to control color for each milestone symbol’s color. In this option, clicking the dropdown provides a list of Microsoft Excel source plan fields from which to select.
i) As mentioned above, the data driven color assignment is sometimes referred to as round-robin color.
ii) OnePager goes in sequence through the color palette and assigns a new color when it finds a new distinct value in the data. If it finds more distinct values than there are colors in the palette, it starts over at the beginning of the palette and uses each color for a second data value, and so on.
iii) Also note that the Color-code based on radio button selects a single data field that applies to both task bars and milestones. This is one of the few places where tasks and milestones are constrained to have the same default behavior.
iv) Use of conditional formatting feature for color assignments allows you to distinguish the color assignments of tasks from those of milestones.
f) Mirror format settings between task bars and milestones. When this checkbox is checked, OnePager will automatically make any changes to Milestones properties that are made to Task Bars properties for all settings where a blue dot appears to the right of the setting. . Task Bar and Milestone fill colors are always mirrored regardless of the Mirror... checkbox being checked on or off.

Milestone Symbol Decorations

2) Milestone Symbol Decorations. There are five decorations for milestone. Each may be turned on by checking the associated checkbox. Each of these decoration’s controls can be accessed by clicking on the adjacent button. Following are brief descriptions of each decoration:

a) Milestone Label Properties…. Clicking this button will display the Set Label Properties form where the milestone label font properties and label position can be set.
X52-21 1 4-(2)-06092015.png
b) %Complete Properties…. Clicking this button will display the Set percent-complete properties form for milestones shown below which controls the display characteristics of the %Complete representation. Since milestone symbols can only be incomplete or complete in OnePager, complete milestones are represented as filled with the color selected for the milestone, or empty if incomplete displaying only the milestone’s border.
X52-21 1 6-(2)-06092015.png
c) Baseline Properties. Clicking this button will display the Set baseline properties form shown below which controls the shape, fill, and color of baseline bars, the connecting line properties, and how the baseline dates will be displays. This form differs from its corresponding Set baseline properties form for tasks in that milestone symbols are shown as Shapes with Fills. All other controls are the same.
d) Date Label Properties…. This button, when selected, will display the Set date label properties form for milestones shown below which allows you to control the properties of the date label for a milestone. There is only one date to controls for a milestone. You can control the date label’s font properties, the position and display of the milestone's date, the format of the date label, how to separate the date from the milestone symbol’s label text.
X52-21 1 6-(3)-06092015.png
e) Deadline Properties…. Clicking this button will display the Set deadline properties form shown below which controls the shape, fill, and position of the deadline symbol with respect to the milestone. The Set deadline properties form, which is the same for task related deadlines, also allows control over the Microsoft Excel source plan field that controls the symbol color and the symbol's delay color of the deadline decoration associated with the milestone. Additionally, as with Baseline Properties form described above, the Set deadline properties form controls connecting lines for deadlines and the properties of deadline date display.
X52-21 1 4-(6)-06092015.png
f) Endpoint Properties…. Given the nature of milestones which are intended to show important or critical events, there are no endpoints associated with milestone symbols.
g) Critical Path Properties Due to the size constraints of the milestone symbols available, OnePager does not provide a means of displaying critical path bars.

Conditional Formatting

3) Conditional Formatting. This group on the Milestones tab has one button, the Manage Rules… button. Clicking this button displays the Conditional Formatting Rules form shown below which permits you to define, change, and copy rules governing the display of task bars based on data imported from your Microsoft Excel source plan. There are two ways to get to the same Conditional Formatting Rules form:

(1) via the Task Bar tab or
(2) via the Milestones tab.
Complete details on how to use conditional formatting may be found at Conditional Formatting (Portal) .
X60-21 1 4-60-(8)-02201017.png

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