Moving and Resizing Images for OnePager Live Beta 2

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About Moving and Resizing Images

20.2.1-OPL2 from 20.2.1-60 7/14/2017

When a graphic is inserted into a project view and selected with a left-click there are eight grab boxes that appear indicating that the image may be resized or moved to any location.

Moving an Image

1) To move an image, left-click its interior, drag it to the desired position in the project view, and release the left-click button as shown here:

P53-20 2 1-53-(2)-12302015.png

Resizing an Image

2) To resize an image, left-click the image, drag one of the grab boxes to the desired place, and release the mouse left-click button to finish the resizing operation as shown below:

P53-20 2 1-53-(1)-12302015.png