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Introduction to the Percent Complete Feature in OnePager

This article describes OnePager’s Percent Complete feature. Illustrations used in this article are from OnePager Pro using data from Microsoft Project but the feature's function, controls, and manual edits apply equally to other OnePager editions that import from data sources like Microsoft Excel, Smartsheet, and Oracle Primavera P6.

About Editing Percent Complete

Percent complete displays are driven by the Percent complete field data imported from your source plan. The %Complete field is the default. You have the option to change the name of the field used to display Percent complete in the chart. Not every task in a source plan has Percent complete data associated with it. Percent complete data for milestone symbols are usually either zero (0%) or totally (100%) complete. When you want to display Percent complete information, it is essential that these data be properly represented in the associated source plan before the data are imported to OnePager.

Editing All Task Percent Complete Displays

Chart Properties Form - Task Bars Tab

All task bar Percent complete displays are edited without changing the settings in the current Template Properties form by using these steps. Click the Chart Properties button on the OnePager Home ribbon tool bar tab in the Settings group. Next, navigate to either the Task Bars tab on the Chart Properties form. Ensure that the Percent complete checkbox is checked ON as shown below:

P71-10 3 1-71-(1-1)-04122022.png

Set Percent-Complete Properties Form

Click the %Complete Properties button to access the Set percent-complete properties form shown here:

P71-0 4 5-71-(2-1)-03152022.png

There are four (4) checkbox controls in the Set percent-complete properties form:

  • The first is a feature that lets you add a checkmark symbol at the end of a completed task bar or a completed milestone symbol.
  • The second is associated with the OnePager feature for Honoring non-working times when OnePager represents Percent complete when Non-Working Times are being considered in the chart.
  • For changing the properties of the percent complete bar and
  • To change the properties of the percent complete label.

Adding a Checkmark Decoration to Completed Task Bars or Milestone Symbols

Checking the Add checkmark: if complete checkbox ON informs OnePager that you want to designate the completion of a task or milestone with a checkmark decoration whenever a task bar or milestone symbol in the chart is shown as 100% Complete. When the Add checkmark if complete checkbox is checked ON, a task bar looks like this example:

P71-0 4 5-71-(1E-1)-12102021.png

Honoring Non-Working Times

Checking the Honoring non-working times checkbox ON tells OnePager to consider the inclusion of Non-Working Times in the representation of %Complete in the chart.

For more information on the Management of working hours and non-working hours, please see the section in the article at: Managing Working Hours and Non-Working Hours

Show Percent-Complete Bars

Checking the Show percent-complete bars checkbox ON enables controls over the color of the percent complete bar displayed in the task bar and the height of the percent complete bar within the task bar as a percent of the total task bar's (Gantt bar) height. Clicking the %Complete color dropdown menu accesses the standard Color Chooser form where you can set the specific color for the percent complete bar. You can also use the %Complete height control to set the relative height of the Percent complete bar as a percentage of the total task bar height. When selecting a percentage for the percent complete bar height, recall that task bars can vary in height through manual editing. Therefore, applying this control to all task bars results in varying heights for the percent complete bar as well.

Show Percent-Complete Text

Checking the Show percent-complete text checkbox ON enables control for the percent complete text (numerical) associated with the task bar. You can choose to display the percent complete bar only, the percent complete text only, or both using these two checkboxes. When enabled, you have the following controls to edit the appearance of the percent complete information for all task bars:

  • The %Complete font controls respond exactly as other label/text font controls found elsewhere in OnePager.
  • Clicking the %Complete font dropdown menu button accesses the standard Set font properties form.
  • Similarly, the Label position dropdown menu button gives you access to the twelve (12) available positions to place the percent complete text.
  • The Text Format sub-control section provides you the option to show values with decimal fractions and to optionally display the % symbol.
  • Finally, the Separator dropdown menu button provides you with eight (8) options for separating the percent complete text from the task bar label or start/finish dates.

When the %Complete checkbox is checked ON, both the Show percent-complete bars and Show percent-complete text checkboxes are checked ON and two-decimal places are specified in the Set percent-complete properties form, the percent complete information for task bars looks like this:

P71-10 3 1-(4)-09012021.png

Editing Individual Task Percent Complete Display

The default settings for displaying Percent complete information for individual task bar can be edited as follows:

Selecting Individual Task Bar or Bars

You can select the task bar by right-clicking on it to access the task bar right-click context menu with the Format… command, the task bar name label right-click context menu, or click the Format… button on the OnePager Home ribbon tool bar tab after selecting the desired tasks/milestones.

For examples on how access the Change Task/Milestone Properties from from the chart, please see the sub-section at: Labeling Task/Milestone Dates for OnePager - Right-Clicking a Task Bar/Milestone Symbol or Task Bar Name Label

Accessing the Change Task/Milestone Properties Form

Using any of the available method, click the Format... command to access the Change Task/Milestone Properties form. Then, navigate to the Percent Complete tab in the Change Task/Milestone Properties form which looks like this:

P71-10 3 1-71-(4-1)-12102021.png

Percent Complete Tab Editing Controls

Go to the Percent Complete tab as shown above controlling the display of the Percent complete (%) bar on the selected task bar and the placement of the numeric label/text for Percent complete information. The Show Percent Complete checkbox allows you to turn ON and OFF the display of Percent complete information for the selected task bar. When the Show Percent Complete checkbox is checked ON, you have the option to display either the Percent Complete bar within the selected task bar or the Percent Complete numeric label/text or both by checking the appropriate checkboxes ON as illustrated above. Clicking the %Complete Font dropdown button at the Percent Complete tab of the Change Task/Milestone Properties form accesses the standard Font properties form so you can edit the Font properties of the %Complete label and numeric label/text.

Use %Complete Defaults

Clicking the Use %Complete Defaults button in the Percent Complete tab of the Change Task/Milestone Properties form resets all format properties of the selected percent complete label/text back to the settings established in the Chart Properties form. The Use %Complete Defaults button looks like this:

P71-10 3 1-71-(4A-1)-12102021.png


As an example, if all task bars are globally set not to display percent-complete, (1) we can select a particular task bar with a right-click, (2) navigate to the Percent-complete tab on the Change Task/Milestone Properties form, (3) set the appropriate checkbox ON to display percent-complete text, and (4) position the percent-complete label/text into the boundaries of the task bar itself as shown below:

P71-10 3 1-71-(5-1)-12102021.png

With the Show %Complete Label checkbox ON, OnePager displays the numeric value of the Percent complete in the position you determine by selecting an option from the dropdown menu to the right of the Show %Complete Label checkbox. When you click the OK button on the Change Task/Milestone Properties form, the edited task bar looks like this:

P70-10 3 1-(6)-06012020.png

Resetting Default Properties for Mavericked Task Shape

The Use %Complete Defaults button bar, when clicked, changes the task’s %Complete properties to those currently specified as global in the current Template form.

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