Page Setup, Document Fitting, and Repeating Elements for Version 6.1 (Portal)

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1) There are other items on the Page Layout tab that remain visible and active in most view modes.

2) The Page Break button on the Page Layout tab remains active in Normal and Page Break view modes but become inactive in Print Preview view mode.

3) These setting components are as follows:

P61-8 6 1 2-61-(1)-10252017.png

View Modes Settings Group

1) There are three view modes as shown above:

(1) Normal view mode
(2) Page Break view mode
(3) Print Preview view mode

2) For more details on the features and use of these three view modes please use the following link: View Modes .

Other Page Layout Tab Settings Groups

The following are links to articles that provide more details on the use of the remaining Page Layout tab's settings groups supporting the OnePager Multi-Page Features:

Page Setup
Document Fitting
Repeating Elements