Splitting and Parsing Columns for OnePager Pro for Version 7.0

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About Splitting and Parsing Fields

The OnePager field splitting feature allows you to duplicate task bars when a task in your Microsoft Project source plan is assigned to multiple resources (or anything else). Because assignments from Microsoft Project often are comma-delimited, this feature enables OnePager to parse the comma-delimited list and create a unique task bar for each instance in the comma-separated list.

Split Resource Names Example

Say you want to use color-codes on task bars/milestone symbols based upon your Microsoft Project source plan’s Resource Names field as shown below:

P70-24 4 1-70-(1-1)-12012020.png

Some of the entries in the Resource Names field consist of multiple, comma-separated items and some of these are followed by percentages in square brackets. Without the field splitting feature, a chart created from these data and assigned task bar/milestone symbol colors based upon the Resource Name field looks like this:

P70-24 4 1-70-(2)-12012020.png

OnePager, in this case, treats the entire string as an individual Resource Name value. To provide more flexibility in displaying task bars that have multiple resources assigned, OnePager supports the concept of a field splitting. This feature recognizes comma-separated values in a designated field and creates a separate task bar for each of the comma-separated values.

Enabling Splitting

To use this feature, click the Templates… button on the Microsoft Project tool bar and navigate to the Field Mappings tab page on the Template Properties form as shown below:

P70-24 4 1-70-(3)-12012020.png

In the Template Properties form above, the Enable splitting on checkbox is checked ON and the Resource Names field is identified to participate in the field splitting process. After making the above change and while still within the Template Properties form, navigate to the Task Bar or Milestone tab and go to the Gantt Bar/Milestone Fill Color group of this tab.

Note that the Color-code based on checkbox is checked ON and the dropdown window shows that Resource Names (Split) is set as shown below:

P70-24 4 1-70-(4-1)-12012020.png

Next, save the modified Template Properties form.

Split Resources in the Chart

Now make a NEW chart using the modified Template (and splitting of the Resource Names field).

The chart with splitting looks like this:

P70-24 4 1-70-(5)-12012020.png

In the chart with splitting shown above, there are now several more task bars in the Chart Editor than there were before. The task bar Centrifugal Barrier is now split into three separate task bars, one for each of the three resources that were assigned to this task in the Microsoft Project source plan. Each of the resources has a unique color assigned. Each of the resources appears by itself in the Legend. The square brackets enclosing the percentage figures (%) are removed from the Legend entries.

With this feature, you can use split fields just like any other field by using the dropdowns in the Template Properties form or Chart Properties form to assign colors, label task shapes and milestone shapes, to define/label rows and swimlanes.

Splitting Resources and Task Links

When task bars with Data-Driven or manual Task Links are split, the Task Links (Data-Driven and manual) are not shown. Further, the Task Links that are now hidden and do not have entries in the Where are My Links? form.

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