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7.18.1-OPL2 from 7.18.1-60 7/13/2017

In OnePager Pro and Express version 6.0, you still have the traditional Select-All and Yes/No ways of selecting rows. But now you have a new Conditional Import Filters engine that can turn more general conditional rules into "Yes" or "No" decisions that select rows.

This approach for controlling the import of Microsoft Project/Excel source plan rows is quite flexible.

The articles in this Conditional Import Filters series explain how you can use Conditional Import Filters to simplify the import of source plan data into OnePager and increase your flexibility for selecting task and milestones to appear in project views.

Links to Conditional Import Filters Detailed Articles

If you first would like to see some examples of how Conditional Import Filters can be used, please read the material at this link: Conditional Import Filters for OnePager .

For those who would like to get started right away using Conditional Import Filters, the links immediately below take you to detailed information:

Conditional Import Filters for MS Project Source Conditional Import Filters for MS Excel Source

Message to Assist with Setting Import Flags When No Data Are Imported

1) For OPP version 5.3 we’ve added a warning message should your selected Microsoft Project source file Flag field contain a No in every row. The warning message looks like this:

P53-0 2-(16)-10262015.png

2) You have two options at this point:

(1) go back to your source file and fix the condition by specifying the rows you want to import or
(2) select the right-hand option in the message form which tells OPP to import all rows from your Microsoft Project source file.

3) For OPX version 5.3 the approach is the same and the above warning form will be displayed if OPX detects that the designated Flag field contains all No, False or is blank.

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