Creating Multi-Page Charts with Version 7.0 (Portal)

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About the Multi-Page Feature (Portal)

As the OnePager product name implies, OnePager is intended to take a complex Microsoft Project or Microsoft Excel source plan and produce a concise and informative Gantt chart in seconds. This is certainly sufficient in many project management and schedule conversation situations. However, as project organizations and responsibilities become more complex, there is likely a need for the ability to create multiple pages of output.

Multi-Page Output Controls

Controls for the multi-page feature are on the OnePager Page Layout ribbon tool bar tab as shown here:

P70-8 6 1-70-(1)-08252019.png

There are also multi-page feature controls on the Page Layout tabs of the Chart Properties and Template Properties forms. The Page Layout tab of the Chart Properties form is shown below:

P70-8 6 1-(2)-05142020.png

The Chart Properties form is accessed within the Chart Editor from the Home ribbon tool bar tab’s Settings section using the Chart Properties button. The Template Properties form is accessed from the Microsoft Project or Microsoft Excel Add-ins tool bar by clicking on the Templates… button. The OnePager ribbon too bar and its tabs are always visible. For more information on Accessing the Template Properties form, please see the article at: Managing Templates (Portal)

Links to More Information on the Use of the Multi-Page Output Feature

The following links provide access to more detailed information on the use of the OnePager Multi-Page Feature.

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Basic Manual and Global Editing of Multi-Page Output

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