Conditional Formatting with Boolean Fields for OnePager Express for Version 7.0

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The overall capability of OnePager Express' Conditional Formatting Rules feature is explained in detail at: Conditional Formatting Overview-OnePager Express

Further, the procedure for adding rules to the Conditional Formatting Rules form is covered at: Adding Conditional Formatting Rules-OnePager Express

The purpose of this article is to focus on conditional formatting involving Microsoft Excel Boolean fields (e.g., Team Available and Show It, etc.) whose field values are confined to Yes or No, TRUE or FALSE or alternatively, 1 or 0.


Microsoft Excel Source Plan

As an example, suppose we have the Microsoft Excel source plan shown below which consists of three phases and four resources consisting of Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, and Team 4.

X70-11 6 1-70-(1)-10012019.png

In the Microsoft Excel source plan above, the field titled Team Available is used to indicate the availability of each team with a TRUE or FALSE Boolean value.

Unformatted OnePager Express Chart

Creating a simple chart without Conditional Formatting rules produces this:

X70-11 6 1-70-(2)-10012019.png

Now suppose you want to represent any team that is Available (with Team Available = TRUE), regardless of the team name with a different task bar shape.

Proposed Conditional Formatting Rule

This can be done by creating the following Conditional Formatting Rule by accessing the Chart Properties form at its Task Bars tab and clicking the Manage Rule... button at the bottom of the form to access the Conditional Formatting Rules form filled out as shown below:

X70-11 6 1-70-(3-1)-09222020.png

Chart With Conditional Formatting Rule Applied

When the Conditional Formatting Rules are in place and the chart is created it looks like this:

X70-11 6 1-70-(4)-10012019.png

OnePager applies the Conditional Formatting Rule created through the Conditional Formatting Rules form, adjusts the Legend’s Title, and provides a Legend Item to reflect the rule applied. You can manually change the legend title text and legend item text as required.

For more information on editing the Legend Title and/or Legend Items, please see the article at: Editing, Repositioning Legend Items, and Formatting the Legend

Updating the Microsoft Excel Source Plan

Should you later go back and change the Team Available field data in the Microsoft Excel source plan, the next snapshot reflects the change by continuing to apply the rule. Suppose that the situation has changed in terms of Team Available as shown below:

X70-11 6 1-70-(5)-10012019.png

Second Snapshot Using the Updated Microsoft Excel Source Plan

You can now create another snapshot the normal way and the chart now looks like this:

X70-11 6 1-70-(6)-10012019.png

Note that the task bar shapes with the new shape configurations are all associated with Teams that are now available. OnePager retains the color associated with Teams for the new shape since the Color Action column in the Conditional Formatting rule is not involved in rule.

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