The Project View Legend for OnePager Live (Portal)

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About The Project View Legend

The legend is designed to help your audience understand the meaning of the colors and shapes in your OnePager chart.

1) Most controls for the legend are available only on the Legend tab of the Project-View Properties (PVP) form (See: Editing with the Project-View Properties form (Portal) 21.0.1-OPL).

2) For global legend setting options, there is a Legend tab on all Template Properties forms (See: Managing Templates (Portal) 24.0.1-OPL).

3) When editing the project view, some common changes can be made by right clicking the legend and using the controls in the context menu.

4) The visibility of the legend can be changed from a control on the View tab of the ribbon.

5) To learn how to change all the default properties of the legend, please review the Manual Editing 9.0.1-OPL articles.

6) In the article the links that follow cover:

a) Legend positioning options when output is formatted for multi-pages.
b) New legend controls added to support project view updates.

More detailed information on managing the project view legend can be found at the following article links:

Managing the Legend in the Project View 15.1.1-OPL
Legend Position Options for Multi-Page Outputs 15.2.1-OPL
Editing, Repositioning Legend Items, and Formatting the Legend 15.3.1-OPL
New Legend Controls 15.4.1-OPL