Manual Editing for OnePager Live (Portal)

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OnePager Live provides an easy interface, the Project View Editor (PVE), for editing tasks, milestones, or decorations manually. These articles cover manual editing capabilities.

OnePager Live also supports global editing of tasks/milestones by allowing you to define default styles for a single project view or as a template for several project views.

The article links below provide additional information on the basics of editing tasks/milestones.

Selecting Tasks/Milestones for Editing 9.1.1-OPL Changing Individual Task/Milestone Properties (Color, Shapes, etc.) 9.2.1-OPL
Hiding/Unhiding/Moving/Finding/Changing/Resizing Tasks/Milestones 9.3.1-OPL Managing Hidden Tasks and Milestones Using "Where's My Stuff?!" 9.4.1-OPL
Restoring Default Formatting 9.5.1-OPL Undoing and Redoing Changes 9.6.1-OPL

The article links below cover additional information on manual editing tasks/milestones and related subjects.

Related Links

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