Editing Rows and Swimlanes (Portal)

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Rows and swimlanes are a feature of OnePager that allow you to group, collect, and sort project tasks and milestones dynamically based on your underlying project data.

This section covers the manual edits that are also possible with rows and swimlanes. Most row and swimlane editing is done globally, so you should also read the Global Editing section to familiarize yourself with some of the more common row and swimlane features. However, you can also right-click on a row or a swimlane to make edits to individual settings.

More detailed information on editing rows and swimlanes may be accessed by using the following links:

Collecting Tasks/Milestones into Rows Showing and Hiding Rows or Swimlane Labels
Editing Row or Swimlane Labels
Snapshot-Dependent Row Labels (OnePager Pro) Snapshot-Dependent Row Labels (OnePager Express)
Row and Swimlane Sorting Row and Swimlane Borders
Resizing Row or Swimlane Labels
Moving Rows Moving Swimlanes
Resizing the Height of Rows Resizing the Height of Swimlanes
Hiding and Unhiding Rows and Swimlanes
Autimatically Cropping Empty Rows (OnePager Pro) Autimatically Cropping Empty Rows (OnePager Express)
Adding a Row or Swimlane Splitting Swimlanes Grouping Rows into Swimlanes
Adding a Row to a Swimlane Making Each Row into a Swimlane Merging Swimlanes
Editing Row and Swimlane Properties
Zebra Striping for Rows and Swimlanes (OnePager Pro) Zebra Striping for Rows and Swimlanes (OnePager Express)