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The new product from Chronicle Graphics, Inc., OnePager Bundle is based on our popular OnePager Pro for Microsoft Project and OnePager Express for Microsoft Excel. These three products are capable of producing presentation quality Gantt Charts from Microsoft Project and Excel source plans.

In addition, OnePager Bundle in its Standalone edition can create these same presentation quality Gantt Charts from Smartsheet source plans. This is accomplished by the OnePager Bundle Standalone edition being able to import Smartsheet export files which contain the project scheduling and related information that OnePager Bundle Standalone needs to prepare a Gantt Chart.

As a convention, whenever we refer to the OnePager Bundle in the context of Smartsheet, we'll just say OnePager when its absolutely clear that we are discussing OnePager with Smartsheet. Since only the Standalone edition of OnePager Bundle can import Smartsheet files, we'll just leave the suffix "Standalone" off.

OnePager connects to your Smartsheet account online, imports the selected source plan and creates a NEW chart, UPDATEs an existing chart or simply OPENs an existing chart.

Once OnePager accesses a new or existing chart, you have the capability to edit the chart using the full capabilities of the OnePager Chart Editor. Once the edited chart meets your needs you can use OnePager Bundle Standalone’s sharing features to distribute the chart to colleagues or insert the chart into a presentation application such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Word.


As discussed above, you have the option to import any Smartsheet file. The file can come from any online data source where Smartsheet data resides. Since OnePager is a local computer application, the Smartsheet files must be accessible to OnePager via an internet connection.

Launching OnePager provides three options: (1) create a NEW chart, (2) OPEN an existing chart or (3) UPDATE an existing chart.

NEW Chart Creation

Creating a NEW chart is a matter of identifying the exported Smartsheet file’s location to OnePager, assuring that the Template selection for this procedure references a Smartsheet Template Properties form, and deciding on the Tasks from the source plan that you want included in the chart. When these steps are complete, OnePager displays the NEW chart in the Chart Editor. From the Chart Editor you can edit the chart and output the chart to presentation applications like Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Outlook.

OPEN an Existing Chart

To OPEN an existing chart, launch the OnePager application from the desktop icon and click the OPEN button on the OnePager Bundle Start form. OnePager then displays a list of recently selected charts with the suffix (.tam) and the option to BROWSE for the specific existing chart you may need. When the desired chart (.tam file) is selected, OnePager displays it in the Chart Editor. For a .tam file associated with Smartsheet source plans, OnePager attempts to connect to your Smartsheet account online and access the source plan associated with the selected .tam file. At this point you have the option to use the features of the OnePager Bundle -- Chart Editor or share the chart with others in the manner described previously.

UPDATE an Existing Chart

To UPDATE an existing chart (.tam file), access OnePager from the desktop icon and click the UPDATE button on the OnePager Bundle Start form. OnePager accesses the selected .tam file and, since it also knows where the Smartsheet source plan file resides, OnePager automatically connect to your Smartsheet account online so that the source plan file is also accessible. Assuming that you’ve updated the source plan file using your Smartsheet account to represent changes to the project in Smartsheet, OnePager creates a new snapshot of the project as a new chart that is displayed in the OnePager Bundle -- Chart Editor. The updated chart can then be edited or included in a presentation.

Your Next Steps

For those of you who have used OnePager Pro or OnePager Express previously, OnePager Bundle Standalone used with Smartsheet source plans operates consistently with OnePager Pro and OnePager Express in all respects. All features and functions of the Chart Editor are the same. So, once you have created your OnePager chart in the Chart Editor from your Smartsheet source plan, all controls, functions, and feature of OnePager are the same.

For Smartsheet users who are new to OnePager, we recommend using the referenced article below to become more familiar with the detailed step-by-step procedure for making your first OnePager chart from Smartsheet export files:

Using Smartsheet Source Plans with OnePager

The article link referenced above provides an illustrated step-by-step approach to creating your first OnePager chart and guides you through some of more frequently used controls for editing in the Chart Editor. At the end of this article (below) there is a list of Related Links to articles that provide more information on OnePager's functions and controls so you can tailor your Gantt Charts to the specific needs of your schedule conversations.

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