Creating and Editing Rows and Swimlanes for Version 7.0 (Portal)

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About Creating and Editing Rows and Swimlanes

Rows and swimlanes are a feature of OnePager that help you to group, collect, and sort project tasks and milestones dynamically based on your underlying project data. This article covers how to create rows and swimlanes in your charts and perform manual edits on the properties of rows and swimlanes. The articles in this series provide overview and detailed instructions on how to use the new OnePager Multiple Swimlanes Levels Feature.

Most row and swimlane editing is done globally, so you should also read the Editing with the Chart Properties form (Portal) articles to familiarize yourself with some of the more common row and swimlane features.

Manual editing of row and swimlane properties is done in the Chart Editor using the capabilities documented in the the link sub-section.

Creating a Chart with Rows and Swimlanes

OnePager Pro and Express are distributed with a number of Templates Properties forms that can be used to create various chart looks. Many of these Templates Properties forms already have swimlanes defined.

See the article at: Managing Templates (Portal) for more information.

Our recommendation for first users of OnePager is to create your first chart with the format specified by the current Template Properties form. Once the chart is created, you have the capability to make edits including designating which source plan field should be used to control the creation of rows and swimlanes. For the purpose of this article series, we assume that you have created a chart without any visible rows or swimlanes and that you desire to organize your chart into swimlanes and provide at least one text column per row in the chart to display source plan information.

Please review the Getting Started article at: Getting Started (Portal) to see the creation of a chart with a swimlane.

Links to Detailed Articles on Creating and Editing Rows and Swimlanes

OnePager version 7.0 has a new feature called: multiple swimlane levels. A Gantt chart with multiple swimlane levels and multiple text columns is shown here:

P70-12 0 1-(1)-06092020.png

In the illustration above, the first three columns in the chart are the three multiple swimlane levels and the two columns to their right are two text columns. Timeline layout charts where multiple source plan tasks are placed in a single chart row can also have multiple swimlane levels and text columns. A description of this new feature and an overview of its operations and controls are provided in the first two articles at the links below. Our recommendation for new OnePager Pro and Express users is that you read the two articles in the table of links below to become familiar with the multiple swimlane levels concepts and the forms and controls available before using multiple swimlane levels to construct new charts. Experienced OnePager Pro and Express users are advised to review the first article and familiarize yourselves with the new organization and layout of the enhanced forms and controls contained in the second article below:

Overview and Summary Articles

About OnePager's Rows and Swimlanes
Using the Multiple Swimlane Levels Feature - Overview

The articles in the tables of links below provide detailed information on creating and editing rows and multiple swimlane levels for OnePager Pro and Express version 7.0:

Creating, Formatting, and Editing Rows and Swimlanes with the Chart Properties Form

Collecting, Formatting, and Sorting Task/Milestones into Rows
Creating, Formatting, and Sorting Swimlanes Levels
Creating and Formatting Text Columns
Row and Swimlane Borders
Automatically Hiding Empty Rows for OnePager Pro Automatically Hiding Empty Rows for OnePager Express
Snapshot-Dependent Text Columns for OnePager Pro Snapshot-Dependent Text Columns for OnePager Express

Manual Editing of Rows and Swimlanes in the Chart Editor

Resizing the Width of Text Columns and Swimlanes
Moving Rows
Moving Swimlanes
Resizing the Height of Rows
Resizing the Height of Swimlanes
Manually Hiding and Unhiding Swimlane Levels

Editing Rows and Swimlanes Using Right-Click Context Menu Commands

Editing Text Columns or Swimlane Labels
Hiding and Unhiding Rows and Swimlanes
Adding a Row or Swimlane
Splitting Swimlanes
Grouping Rows into Swimlanes
Adding a Row to a Swimlane
Making Each Row into a Swimlane
Merging Swimlanes
Editing Row Properties
Editing Swimlane Properties

Zebra Striping Rows and Swimlanes

Zebra Striping for Rows and Swimlanes for OnePager Pro Zebra Striping for Rows and Swimlanes for OnePager Express