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  • The figure below shows the main features of the OnePager project view chart: ...y put into one graph in order to illustrate most of the elements listed in the numbered paragraphs below.
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  • Project view '''.TAM''' files, '''template '''.TAT''' files, '''color palettes''' files, '''delete''' an unneeded project view file, etc. you can do so by using the standard Microsoft Windows file '''delete''' function.
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  • ...ple one level case, go to the Project-View Properties ('''PVP''') form and the '''Main''' tab. 2) Then, go to the '''Time axis''' section in the upper right.
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  • ==About the Main Tab== ...d page, shown below, lets you set the most general properties of a project view.
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  • A curtain is a vertical strip that marks a period of time across all rows. The example below shows a curtain entitled “Quiet Period” that appears from To add a new curtain to a project view, follow the steps below:
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  • ...and sort project tasks and milestones dynamically based on your underlying project data. ...also read the Global Editing section to familiarize yourself with some of the more common row and swimlane features. However, you can also right-click on
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  • OnePager is an add-in to Microsoft Project, which automatically displays the “OnePager” icon once OnePager is installed. That tool bar looks like th ...let you edit the templates for your graphs. For now, it is simplest to use the default template, but you can learn how templates let you customize and sta
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  • Project views and '''templates''' both let you customize your work and save time ma Project views and '''templates''' have some similar looking forms, so it is importa
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  • approach we will repeat the '''Rows & Swimlanes''' tab from the Project-View Properties ('''PVP''') form below: As the '''Rows/Swimlanes''' tab above illustrates, there is a step wise approach t
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  • ==About the Multi-Page Feature (Portal)== ...product’s name implies, OnePager is intended to take a complex Microsoft Project or Microsoft Excel plan and render it into a concise and informative Gantt
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  • ==About View Modes On the One Pager Page Layout Tab== In OnePager, you may now select between a total of three view modes:
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  • '''Page Break''' view mode. Each of these controls will be described in the subsections below. where you may change the selection of the output page product size. The '''Page Size''' dropdown menu looks like this:
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  • ...he number of '''vertical (height) pages''', and the control for '''scaling the document'''. ...want to divide the project view. OnePager will then automatically adjust the '''scaling factor''' as shown below:
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  • ...rows/swimlane, etc.) should be repeated on every appropriate '''page''' of the output. The '''adornment element''' options available are shown below:
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  • ==About Manual Editing of Multi-Page Outputs== ...ave several '''page break''' manipulation controls in the '''Page Break''' view mode. '''Automatic page breaks''' recommended by OnePager are selectable
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  • The figure below shows the main features of the OnePager project view chart: ...y put into one graph in order to illustrate most of the elements listed in the numbered paragraphs below.
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  • ...decorations manually on the project view. This section covers these manual editing capabilities. editing and templates for additional information on these powerful editing features.
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  • ...ection box''' with two '''grab points''' (top and bottom) in the middle of the task/milestone. ...'''Multiple selections''' Select multiple tasks/milestones by holding down the '''Control key''' ('''CTRL''') and then selecting several tasks or mileston
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  • OnePager is a powerful communications tool. When you manually change the '''color''' of a task/milestone, we say that you are creating a '''color ma ===Changing Colors using the Ribbon===
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  • ...nes are not appearing and provides you a means to '''repair''' the project view so that tasks/milestones are again visible. ...swimlanes to be made visible, go the OnePager '''Home''' tab and click on the '''Show/Hide''' dropdown as shown below:
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